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Tips For Avoiding Hearing Loss As You Get Older

Age-Related Hearing Loss

Today we want to share tips for avoiding hearing loss as you get older. Hearing loss is inevitable for most people to have as they get older and as they enter their 70s and 80s, their hearing is only likely to get worse. With that being said, there are some preventative measures that people can take in order to avoid hearing loss for as long as possible. That way, you can enjoy a 20/20 hearing lifestyle for as long as physically possible. Here are some tips for avoiding hearing loss as you get older.

Keep television and music volumes at a low level

To help avoid hearing loss, consider keeping the television and music volumes at a lower level. This can be helpful because as we get older, naturally we lose our hearing and that results in pushing up television volumes to a higher level. However, it’s still possible to train your hearing to listen to the sounds of the television or of your music speaker system on lower levels.

Try to be mindful of what volume number the television is at and avoid raising it where possible. Even if watching a movie, keeping the volume low is helpful to avoid damage.

Wear ear protection to protect the ears 

When out working in environments where there’s lots of noise pollution or just in general when attending concerts, consider wearing ear protection. Hearing protection like headsets and earplugs can be helpful in protecting the ears from excessive noise. There’s nothing worse than finding out you lost your hearing within the work you do. That’s something that could have been prevented, whether it’s something you didn’t do or weren’t supplied with by your employee.

Avoid being around loud noises for too long

tips for avoiding hearing loss

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When managing hearing loss, it’s important to try and avoid it from getting any worse. That’s why it’s useful to avoid being around loud noises for too long. Too much exposure for too long is eventually going to cause more problems 

Keep ears dry and free of debris

Be sure to keep your ears dry and free of debris when it comes to your ears. They can be super sensitive and when it comes to getting any type of dirt or debris in the ears, it can affect the person’s ability to hear anything clearly.

With wet ears, this stagnant water that sits in the wars can eventually cause ear infections, and the more ear infections you experience, the more damage you’ll ultimately do to the ears over time.

Don’t use q-tips to clean your ears

Whatever you do, don’t use q-tips to clean your ears. It’s ok to use them anywhere other than inside the ear canal. Inside the ear canal won’t help because those who try to remove ear wax using this method are only going to push the wax further along the canal.

As a result, that can cause permanent damage that’s irreversible. Avoiding hearing loss is important to do, especially as you want to help retain it for as long as possible. Use these tips to keep your hearing health in good condition for longer.

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