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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hearing Loss

Today we want to share 5 things you didn’t know about hearing loss. Hearing health is often something that’s taken for granted, and it’s not really easy to feel concerned about it until you notice a problem. Unless something happens, there’s generally no obvious consequence to what your ears are exposed to, and for that reason, many people act as if their ears are immune to the issue.

That’s far from the truth, and even if you’re not experiencing any symptoms of hearing loss right now, it doesn’t mean that you’re not damaging your ears. It’s important to understand that your ears are fragile, and a valid health issue to be concerned over.

The biggest cause of hearing loss

The biggest cause of hearing loss is exposure to loud noises. There are many people who expose themselves to things like loud music or loud environments without thinking to wear any hearing protection. You may feel as if the music is more enjoyable to listen to at louder volumes, but it can have a serious impact on your hearing health. Later down the line, you might find that you have done irreparable damage to your eardrums. 

If you work in a loud environment, consider wearing ear protection to prevent any hearing damage that you’re exposing yourself to.

Causes of infection

Ear infections can cause temporary hearing loss depending on what kind of infection you’re experiencing. They can be very painful, and you should be careful to avoid them whenever possible. Getting water trapped inside your ear can lead to Swimmer’s Ear or Otitis Externa, which will cause inflammation and potential hearing loss for a period of time. You’ll need to speak with your doctor about getting antibiotics to treat it, as well as wait a few weeks for the condition to pass.

Causes of tinnitus

Tinnitus can be caused by a number of things, and there’s no real cure for tinnitus currently. The problem is, that tinnitus can be caused by a number of different factors. Infections, prescription drugs, hearing damage. All of these have different solutions, but there’s no cure for tinnitus alone.

Subtle signs

It would help if you knew how to spot the signs of hearing loss so that you can get yourself checked out and seek treatment as soon as possible. If you’re having a hard time understanding others in a conversation, it’s an early sign of hearing loss. If you find socializing with others to be more tiring than usual, it’s not necessarily a hearing loss symptom, but something to be aware of. If you can spot the signs, you can get yourself seen before it has the opportunity to get worse.


Currently, the leading treatment for hearing loss is a hearing aid. Hearing aids have come a long way and are a great way to treat and handle your hearing loss experience. There are many who were able to return to their everyday life with little change after experiencing hearing loss due to these hearing aids, so you should learn more about them if you have concerns over your hearing health.

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