Why You Should Be Watching Good Trouble

Good Trouble, FreeForm’s spinoff of The Fosters, takes you into the life of Callie and Mariana’s new home away from home. The new series tells the story of how the Adam-Fosters sisters decided to move to Los Angeles after graduating from college. Callie secured a job as clerk for a conservative judge, while Mariana works at a top engineering company. Here are five reasons why you should be watching Good Trouble.



Just when Callie and Mariana think they get their new apartment to themselves, Mariana forgot to mention to Callie that they are sharing the place with six other people. You get to see the lives of all the different types of people the sisters live with and they quickly grow on you. From a beauty influencer to a striving artist, there is an adventure with everyone you encounter each week.



The first two episodes tackle the sexuality of Callie and Mariana’s roommate, Gael, who is bisexual. Callie first encounters Gael on the first night she arrived and quickly slept with him, before learning Mariana has a crush on him. After telling her about the night they shared, you quickly learn that Gael is bisexual. It is different from what you see on typical young adult shows, since we never see a guy have both women and men as sexual partners. It delves deeper into the ways a girl deals with the situation and what makes her comfortable.


Political Issues

Good Trouble explores racial injustice right from the beginning. Callie’s conservative judge boss is the lead judge on the case involving a police shooting of a young black man. Callie quickly becomes involved after her roommate, Malika, is an activist for Black Lives Matter. It becomes a little tricky not being to discuss the case with Malika and others, especially if the case gets dismissed by the judge. It will be very interesting to see how this all works out on the show and how it affects the people around Callie.


Work Space

Right away, Mariana deals with her dreams fading away when she learned her job is not what she expected. Mariana is the only woman in her tech department and realizes that the other three guys she works with don’t like working with her. You see the struggle of Mariana trying to get along with her co-workers and making herself known in the workplace. Also, Callie struggles with her co-workers when it comes to working on cases. Her two co-workers are always competing to get the best case from the judge. Each week, you have the opportunity to see their struggles and triumphs in order to make through the week.



Callie and Mariana may struggles with the relationships at time but they always have each other back. It’s great to see how far the sisters have come along and it represents the spirit of having a family. I like the idea of seeing the sisters bond with each other more and see how they support each other dreams. As each episode happens, their relationship becomes stronger and makes the heart of the show.


Good Trouble showcases the troubled backgrounds that Callie and Mariana come from, but also how they do their best to create something amid the trouble. This show is mature, sexy, and heart-wrenching, creating a memorable moment of TV for an hour each week. Good Trouble premieres every Tuesday at 8pm on FreeForm.


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