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Rakhee Morzaria is Back to Hilarious Mom Shenanigans on “Run the Burbs”

Rakhee Morzaria understands that the best comedy occasionally involves a bit of stumbling. “I learned how to fail at Second City,” she says. “Not that I sucked or anything, although I for sure did suck for a while…but it teaches you to take risks and then to fail and to not take everything so seriously. I also made some of my best friends there.” Family can be ripe for comedy. “In my family, it’s that everyone always thinks their opinion is right. Like every convo can eventually turn into a battle for who got it ‘right.’ It’s really funny to watch once you notice it, but it’s also exhausting, because I’m often the winner and it’s so lonely at the top.” Rakhee plays Camille Pham in Run the Burbs. “Run the Burbs is a comedy about a family living their best lives in the burbs, making every day a new adventure. It’s a throw-back to those 90s sitcoms, but through the lens of a modern-day family of Vietnamese and South Asian heritage. Camille is honestly such a dream partner. She’s super supportive, only mildly embarrassing with her kids, and really funny. I love how she’s assertive and jumps in head first and figures things out as she goes, whereas her husband, Andrew, likes to plan and scheme. She’s also an incredible cook – she lost her mother at a young age and she uses her mother’s recipes as inspiration to bring the neighborhood friends and family around the dinner table.” 

The next season follows her embracing home life. “Camille leaves her 9-5 in Season 1, so in Season 2 she’s way more present in the house, which means experiencing new things with the kids as they morph into their final form. She’s also diving headfirst into her cooking and seeing a lot more of her Dad, Ramesh, played by the endlessly funny Ali Hassan.” Rakhee sees more hobbies and of course, more laughter in her future. “I think I’ll get really into knitting and probably go travel for a bit. Other than that, I’m working on a writing project with a pal and excited to get back to some live comedy!” Season 2 of Run the Burbs will make its premiere on CBC/CBC Gem on January 4th, 2023.

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Rakhee Morzaria is Back to Hilarious Mom Shenanigans on “Run the Burbs.” Photo Credit: Courtesy of Project Four PR.

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