Do You Need a Fashion Stylist? Here’s What You Should Know

Do You Need a Fashion Stylist? Here’s What You Should Know

Sometimes it’s helpful to get some professional help when you want to make an impact on people. Fashion impact is the one that lasts for a long time. The first thing people notice when they meet you is what you wear. If you want to ensure you are turning heads when wearing a cool outfit, or you want an event or exhibition to go with a bang rather than a whimper, it might be time to invest in a fashion stylist.

A fashion stylist will help with your request, giving you the attention you need and delivering quality with reliability. Answering the following nine questions should help you connect with an individual or team that can help you fulfill your fashion goals:

  1. How is their online presence?
  2. What is their fashion philosophy?
  3. What is their fashion niche?
  4. Who are their typical clients?
  5. Is this a team or an individual?
  6. Have they been recommended?
  7. Should you meet the stylist before signing up?
  8. Are they real people who are not trying to scam you?
  9. How much do they charge and how to pay?

Online presence

A fashion stylist’s website is their opportunity to tell the world about their style, values, and goals. You should get a strong sense of what a specialist thinks is important and what kind of fashion advice they give. A website tells you not only what a professional is like but also how they want you to perceive them. Check out the colors, the font, and the imagery. Consider how these might apply to your goals. Is this fashion stylist elegant and subtle or bold and brave?

Fashion philosophy

fashion stylistIf a stylist’s fashion philosophy is not evident on their website, ask them. This will allow them to tell you why they got into the business and you can judge whether their ideas about fashion match your needs. If you wear clothes that your heart desires, you show people around what kind of person you are which expresses your own philosophy.

Type of fashion

This should be one of your primary considerations when checking out fashion stylists. A professional designer might work as an individual, for a clothing brand, or a fashion house, so you need to be clear about what you seek. Do you want fashion advice before attending a high-profile event, someone to help you coordinate outfits with a partner, or do you need help setting up a promotional photo shoot? The better you understand your needs, the more likely you will find someone who can help.

A specialist will help you identify your own style. There are many fashion styles: casual, vintage, chic, exotic, artsy, and more. If you know that you require more attention, hire an individual who will spend less time working with others. If you know that you only need a few pieces of advice, working with a professional from a clothing brand is worth considering.

Typical clients

Finding a fashion stylist with satisfactory skills and availability is one thing. It can be another experience entirely to work with a dedicated specialist. Seeing who a fashion stylist tends to work with can help you decide who can bring out the best in you.

A stylist’s website is also likely to have reviews, but they are less likely to be unbiased than on independent web pages. And it may be harder to track down the reviewer on stylists’ websites as they typically provide names without links or contact details. You should be able to find out who the fashion stylist works with by checking out their reviews on Google. Google reviews are authenticated so you can be more confident that the comments are from a real person.

It would also be interesting to know who their clients usually are. What if they work with celebrities or other well-known people? If so, you need to understand that it might cost you a fortune. If you need someone less expensive, try looking for those who are just starting their fashion journey. It’s possible to find pros among beginners sometimes.

Team or individual

fashion stylistA team can collaborate to develop unique ideas one person may not have created alone. Several people working together might also be more likely to meet your deadlines. While a team may have resources, it may lack a dedicated individual’s personal touch, consistency, or flexibility. One specialist may be able to provide you with the one-on-one contact and attention to detail you desire. Consider what makes you most comfortable and discuss different options with a fashion stylist.


A recommendation is one of the best ways to find a product or service. It has been tried and tested (hopefully by someone like you), so you can be more assured that it will deliver the necessary results for you, too.

Ask on social media if people can recommend you a fashion stylist. Search on relevant forums to see if someone can connect you with the service you need. Any reputable professional should have happy clients that will tell you what it was like to work with that person.  Don’t be afraid to ask a specialist directly for references. What if they know other fashion designers who can help you create your fashion dream?

Meet the stylist

It’s important to check that there is a rapport between you and a stylist before committing to working together. The best way to do this is by meeting in person or online. Consider setting up an interview during which you both decide if you are a good fit for each other. Have a list of questions you want to ask and be prepared to talk about yourself and your style. Talking about yourself will help a professional to identify how to help you express yourself through clothes.

Protect yourself

This might not be the most creative part of working with a fashion stylist, but it’s the part that prevents you from being scammed out of your money. Unfortunately, the world is full of people who are prepared to use impersonation to part others from their cash. Make sure that your stylist is who they say they are by checking information about them on Nuwber, TruthFinder, BeenVerified, or InfoTracer.

How and how much to pay

Paying for quality can be an excellent investment when working with a fashion stylist. Aim to pay for a professional who will bring expert knowledge and experience to the table. Some fashion stylists charge by the hour. Others charge per project. Find out how your stylist likes to be paid so you can assess your budget and avoid an unpleasant surprise.

You may wish to ask if they get a commission for using certain products. It’s a common practice. Mentioning it upfront can get it into the open and make the styling process more authentic. Don’t forget to ask how they would like to be paid: in cash or with a credit card.

This article should help you decide what you need and who can help you achieve your fashion needs. With the right philosophy, approach, and credentials, your fashion stylist should be able to help you make even your wildest fashion dreams come true.

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