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Hallea Jones is Queen Bee in Netflix Drama “Locke & Key”

Hallea Jones grew up with music in her veins – but it was acting that stole her heart. After a chance casting call with iconic teen drama Degrassi resulted in a call back, she began to consider acting as a serious career. Now, she stars as mean girl Eden Hawkins in Netflix’s Locke & Key, based on a popular comic book series. Hallea also eventually found her way back to music and currently has an album in the works. Spend your time in quarantine streaming Locke & Key today!
Cliché: Performance is in your blood! What was it like growing up in a family of musicians and performers?
Hallea Jones: Intimidating but incredibly inspiring. The Jones bloodline is definitely made up of 90% music. For a while in my teenage years I kind of rebelled against it because I really didn’t like playing classical music. I just wanted to play Taylor Swift songs and write my own! There was never a dull moment in my family. Every Christmas or family event would be filled with everyone picking up an instrument and singing along which was intimidating for me because I wasn’t pursuing it seriously until about a year and a half ago, but that never stopped me from singing at the top of my lungs and getting right in with the entertainment from an early age! 
Acting and music are your two great loves. Do you prefer one over the other? Have you had experiences with music that influence your decisions with acting or vice versa? 
I really can’t say I love one more than another. Music has its perks because I can do it whenever I want to, wherever I want to.. but acting has my heart for a whole range of different reasons. I have found that finding music again has opened me up to my vulnerability more, which has influenced my acting drastically, in more ways than I’m probably aware of. 
When was the moment when you knew you wanted to pursue acting professionally? 
Degrassi came to my school when I was in grade 11 for an open call and I got a call back! I obviously didn’t get the role, but that was the moment I started to seriously consider it as something I could pursue. 
Talk about your new show, Locke & Key and your character, Eden Hawkins. 
Ah yes, that show! haha! Locke & Key is a show about a family who moves to their fathers ancestral home after he is mysteriously murdered. The kids start finding these keys that can do crazy things (take you anywhere in the world, make you a ghost, opens a passageway into your head, can control people), and as they’re discovering these keys, a demon is released who also wants the keys. They deal with this demon at home, and then go to a new school called Matheson Academy, where they get to deal with Eden Hawkins – Matheson’s finest queen bee! She’s not the nicest chicka on the block – I’ll just say that much! 
Were you familiar with the comic book series on which the show is based? 
Not until I booked the project, but I went through them so quickly! They’re so good!! 
Have you worked in the horror genre before? 
No I haven’t! I’m not into horror at all and while being on set for a horror film could help with my irrational fears, I have yet to do one! 
Were you excited to be playing a character who has access to different superpowers?  
Yes! I’m super excited to see what happens with Eden next season (fingers crossed we get one!) I’m very curious how Eden’s storyline will pan out! 
You’re also currently working on an album! Tell us about that.
Yes I am, but it’s at the very early stages because I’ve only been getting back into music for a year and a bit. I’m definitely wanting to take my time and develop more of an understanding of myself in music before I put anything out – but it will happen! 
Do you enjoy having the opportunity to work with so many great Toronto artists? 
I absolutely love it. It’s an honour to be surrounded by so many incredibly talented artists – in so many different mediums. It feels like I have to pinch myself on the constant to confirm I’m not dreaming up this wondrous life I’ve been living. Toronto is bursting with such incredible talent, it’s euphoric to be a part of it and I can’t wait for the world to see what we’re cooking up.

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Hallea Jones is Queen Bee in Netflix Drama “Locke & Key.” Photo Credit (in order): Rupert Aquino, Tiffany Tremaine, and Megan Moore. 

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