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The Life of the D’Ambrosio Twins: From Acting on the Big Screen to Recording Their Own Album

Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio are a dynamic duo. Not only are they top-notch actresses, but they are also phenomenal singers. Add to that, terrific role models for their fans. They recently starred in TigerBeat TV’s new original series Sage Alexander: The Dark Realm. We chatted with the D’Ambrosio Twins about their characters Violet and Scarlett, their emotions and feelings after completing their brand new single and their role as Youth Ambassadors for the Boo2Bullying Organization.


Cliché: What initially sparked your interest in wanting to get involved in the entertainment industry?

D’Ambrosio Twins: We began acting when we were very young. Our first big break was being cast as Summer Newman on the hit CBS show, Young and the Restless. In acting with children under a certain age, the law in Los Angeles only allows a child to work a certain amount of hours. So when there is a young child needed, shows tend to hire identical twins.

Nevertheless, we were cast as Summer and had such an amazing time and experience doing that role. We just wanted to keep going for it. We have been fortunate in having a lot of opportunities to act individually and as twins with phenomenal directors, writers, casts and crews.

What’s the experience been like working on Sage Alexander: The Dark Realm?

It was so much fun. First, it was great to work with our friends Hayden Summerall and Brooke Butler. Our set was a haunted house and we explored many different rooms when we were on breaks.

Can you tell me about your characters on the show, Violet and Scarlett?

In season one, you are introduced to our characters. We are rescued by Sage Alexander. But do we go on to help him?

We just got a new script for the next filming and we are so excited how our characters start to develop in the series.

What was the best advice that you’ve received about acting and who was it from?

We had the honor to spend time with the beautiful and talented Kate Winslet a few years ago at a SAG-AFTRA event. She took the time to talk to us and told us to follow our dreams and don’t let anyone tell you to stop. If it’s your passion, keep doing it.

You’ve also been involved in music. What inspired you to take that on as well?

We grew up around music and music is always playing. Like lots of kids, our parents encouraged us to try learning instruments. We both started with piano classes and then gradually moved to guitar and drums. We also love singing, so we just kept taking lessons to improve and it just kind of happened.

Can you describe the emotions and feelings that you got after completing your video and single for “Young and Free”?

“Young and Free” was a special song and release for us. First, it was one of the first songs that we actually wrote on. It was a co-write with our coach and friend Marko DeSantis. It all started from us working on some cover songs and just kind of messing around with some chords. Chiara played all the drums, Bianca played guitar and we both sang. After that, we wanted to make a fun video for the summer and have a fun feel to it. We even got our friend Hayden Summerall to be in the video and then put it out. It’s pretty amazing thinking back on how that all came together and so easy.

What’s the message of the song and what do you hope listeners take away when listening to the lyrics of the song?

The song “Young And Free” is a song about being a kid and enjoying all the good things in life.  For example, your family, friends and your pets. Whatever we have done with music, we hope to encourage other kids our age to discover some of the bands that we have covered.

How do you mentally prepare yourselves before shooting a film, television show, and recording a song?

Practice, practice, practice. When it comes to acting and performing, it’s so important to be prepared and ready. Even though we have a ton of fun doing it all, it is work and other people are relying on us to be prepared and ready to go.

How did you become Youth Ambassadors for the Boo2Bullying Organization? Why was that an important cause for you to get involved with?

Bullying has always been a huge issue in the world. But it seems to have gotten worse with social media and other platforms that we use every day. When we were in school, we both were victims of it. Nowadays with social media, kids and adults can hide behind fake accounts and cyberbully anyone. It’s important for people to know they are not alone and can reach out to organizations for help. We started as Ambassadors and were voted to Board of Directors for Boo2Bullying and it really means a lot to us.

How do you balance acting, music, and your lives outside of that?

A lot of it has to do with being part of a great family and having great friends. You need to balance work and play.

What are things you enjoy doing outside of acting and singing?

We love our dogs and rabbit. We also are huge supporters of animal charities. It’s amazing how much hugging a dog or any pet can sooth your day. We enjoy going to the movies, watching television with friends, and enjoying a great family night of dinner with our parents.

Are there any future projects that you are working on or will be working on?

You can watch us every Thursday on the Squared YouTube Channel which is started by Brooklyn and Bailey. We are back to filming Sage Alexander: The Dark Realm in December and we will be working on another film called The Code in late November in New York.

Is there anything else you would like to add or say?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our interview. You can follow us on Instagram and find us at @dambrosiotwins. We post fun videos on our YouTube channel every week at YouTube/dambrosiotwins.


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The Life of the D’Ambrosio Twins: From Acting on the Big Screen to Recording Their Own Album. Image Credits: Ricky Middlesworth

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