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Why NBC’s Good Girls Is A Show You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

As March approaches, all of our favorite shows will be returning with new seasons that are highly anticipated. One return that you should be anticipating is NBC’s Good Girls! Season 2 of Good Girls is set to premiere on March 3rd! If you have never watched the show on television, chances are you’ve seen it promoted on Netflix. It appeared on Netflix over the summer and If you haven’t clicked play just yet, here’s why you should:

Good Girls is a sophisticated and funny show that centers around three strong women who each face a huge obstacle in their lives. At first glance, Good Girls may seem like just another show about three bored housewives unhappy with their lives, but after a successful first season, it proved why it’s different than the rest. Viewers fell in love with the main components of the show: the leading ladies. These three women are at a point of struggle in their lives and the only strong and stable force that is present is their friendship. The friendship and loyalty between the three women is refreshing to watch on screen even if they’re often committing crimes.

The show kicks off with Beth (Christina Hendricks) discovering that her longtime husband has been cheating on her and lying about what he’s been doing with their money. Beth’s younger sister Annie (Mae Whitman) is dealing with a nasty custody battle and could possibly lose her kid due to her not being the most responsible parent. And lastly, their longtime friend Ruby (Retta) is running out of money as she and her husband struggle to pay for the medical care of their ill daughter. Feeling wronged by the people in their life and victims of their own circumstance, they all come up with a crazy plan that they believe will solve their problems: Robbing a grocery store. The plan seems crazy and impossible…until they actually do it.

Beth soon leads the charge, as the three of them actually go through with robbing the grocery store Annie works at. Their dabble in crime is supposed to be just a one-off, except they soon find themselves being threatened by a mobster, Rio (Manny Montana) who informs them that the money they stole actually belongs to him. The show excels at finding humor in the midst of all the drama and sad realities.

When season one premiered, many feared that Good Girls would fall victim to an early cancellation. But the show proved it’s worth by scoring a second season and landing an international distribution deal with Netflix! With season two just around the corner, we’re sure to expect the unexpected.

The first season of Good Girls consisted of the women having one foot in their normal lives and the other foot in the life of crime. As the second season approaches, the teaser trailer suggests Beth, Ruby, and Annie might be all in with the life of crime. Check out the preview below:


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Why Good Girls Is A Show You Don’t Want To Miss Out On: Featured Image Credit: @nbcgoodgirls on Instagram.

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