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Actress Alondra Delgado Brings New Intrigue to “All American”

Like many actors over the past year, Alondra Delgado found her career momentarily suspended by COVID-19. After many months, her perseverance paid off and she was cast as newcomer Vanessa Montes on the hit teen football drama, All American. While Alondra didn’t know much about football at the start, already being an avid fan of the show certainly helped!  If her secret past with Asher is any indication, Vanessa is definitely shaking things up on season 3, currently airing on Mondays at 8pm on The CW.

Cliché: You’re an actress, writer, and producer. Has wearing so many hats enhanced your understanding of the industry at large?

Alondra Delgado: Definitely! An actor, writer, and producer have many different responsibilities and each of them are essential. There is a unique feeling when writing something that truly means something to you and then watching it being brought to life. It is amazing to see how people create their own take on your words, and this creates more depth and meaning to the stories. Being a producer for the first time made me admire a lot more everything that happens behind the camera. The whole process of putting a film together, the before and after takes so much time and it’s what really permits the film to be accessible to the world. Being an actor brings everything to life and it is what makes the public connect with the film and have meaning. Having the opportunity to do all three has helped me learn a lot and appreciate the art of filmmaking a lot more. 

How has the pandemic impacted your acting career?

COVID-19 has changed everything and definitely the filmmaking industry. When it all started a year ago, I was not able to film or book anything for eight months. During the whole first quarantine I only sent two self-tape auditions and continued my training by taking online Zoom acting classes. It was hard. You feel so much time is passing by and your dreams are farther and farther away. Once productions started back up, I started to audition via self-tapes a bit more often and that’s when I landed my All American recurring role back in October.


Tell us about your latest role, Vanessa Montes, on All American. 

Vanessa Montes is my second recurring role. I was very excited to get cast for this, given the fact that All American is one of my favorite shows and I’ve been watching it since season 1. When I got cast I couldn’t believe it, and still to this day I am overly excited every time I get to be on set. It has been a great experience, everyone in the cast and crew is amazing and have made me feel welcome. 

How much did you know about football prior to being cast?

If I am being honest, the only football I knew was thanks to the show. When I started watching All American a couple of years ago I started to learn a couple of things, and when I booked the show I was like “okay, maybe I should ask my friends to explain the rules to me.” I know the basics now and definitely admire the sport because it looks tough for sure! 

What can we expect from Vanessa in season three?

Vanessa will bring a new energy to the squad. She has some secrets that might create a bit of drama. She wants to enjoy high school and make friends, but we’ll see how that goes being the new kid and the new head coach’s daughter. It’s a lot of pressure for sure.

Vanessa is very confident. Would you describe yourself as a confident person?

Vanessa indeed is a very confident young girl who carries herself well and knows what she wants. I do identify with her right now. It has been something that I’ve worked on but I describe myself as a confident person. I believe in my talent and know that if I work hard enough I can achieve the goals I have set for me. But it is definitely something I still work on every day and grow and learn. 

She also has a history with one of her classmates. Without giving too much away, tell us more! 

It is definitely a very interesting situation that I know will have everyone at the edge of their seats with intrigue. I can’t spoil any details, but I can say that Vanessa knows Asher from before. 

What do you hope 2021 has in store for you, both professionally and personally?

Personally, I hope everything that is going around in the world gets better and people stay safe and this nightmare goes away. I am grateful for the blessings 2020 did give me and I hope these new opportunities open more doors for me. I want to land my first series regular role soon and another lead role in a feature film. Fingers crossed for 2021!

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Actress Alondra Delgado Brings New Intrigue to “All American.” Photo Credit: Tim Schaeffer Photography @timschaefferphoto. Hair and Makeup: Johnna J. Perez @johnnajmakeup. Styling: Sean Dylan Perry @seandylanperry.