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Experience LifeEvery now and then, you come across a product so simple that you think to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of it?” Such is the case with The FlipBelt—a new fitness tool that is so useful, you will wonder how you’ve been getting along without it for so long! If you’re a runner, especially, you know how annoying it is to have your phone, keys, and wallet sliding out of your pockets while you’re on the go. As for me, the jangling of keys has been maddening enough to cut my workout short on more than one occasion. Still, these are items that are vital when you leave the house, even for a 15 minute run. The FlipBelt allows you to have your essentials on you without interfering with your routine. The single tubular pocket with four openings gives you easy access to your items, while also securing them in place. The sleek design comes in various colors and is so on trend with today’s innovative athletic wear. Most of us don’t mind sweating as long as we look great doing it! Whether at the gym or simply grocery shopping, The FlipBelt just looks good! I confess, I find myself using it for everyday errands even more often than for the gym.  My hot pink “smart belt” is just convenient and cute!


One of the most important specs about The FlipBelt is that it is so comfortable and lightweight, unlike the bulkier carry-on options we are so used to. It doesn’t move or chafe, but stays in place while maintaining its flexibility. You can run, jump, bend and twist without worrying about losing your essentials. At under thirty dollars, it is a steal! It’s not made out of thin, cheap polyester, but a quality fabric that I discovered is a high-tech Spandex-Lycra. Though high quality, it is low maintenance—you can wash and dry it with the rest of your clothing. Simply put, whether you work out or not, The FlipBelt is a revolutionary product that is a must-have for the active. To find out more, visit and go hands-free, like me!

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