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G-Loves Review

Attention our strong and fit Cliché readers! We love working out to keep our bodies in shape and healthy, but have you ever hurt your palms while lifting, or worse, formed calluses on your hands? These painful incidents can easily be avoided by wearing workout gloves. However, us ladies have a difficult time finding the right pair of gloves because our hands are smaller than mens’ hands. Luckily we have been saved by the fabulous G-Loves by Hedda Royce. This rocking company is all about functional and fun workout gloves that properly fit a woman’s hand. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on a pair (no pun intended!) and you’ll see why in this G-Loves review!

Even though the point of going to the gym is to workout and sweat, not “dress to impress,” it’s still fun to add a little flare to your workout gear. G-Loves come in amazing colors and patterns that make you want to workout just to wear these babies. The gloves come in solid colors, a peacock pattern, and a zebra print with a pink lace trim, to name just a few. I am obsessed with leopard and my favorite color is pink, so you could imagine my joy when I received a pair of leopard workout gloves and hot pink wrist wraps. The gloves cost $45 and come in three sizes: extra small, small, and medium which depends on the inches around the palm of your hand. The lightly padded gloves are made from neoprene and feature a custom engineered no-slip grip. The wrist wraps are $12 and also come in lively colors and prints.

It’s important to take care of our bodies while working out by taking the proper precautions. Owning a pair of these gloves will make you want to go to the gym just to show them off. Hey, as long as you are motivated and inspired to work out, it is good by all means! G-Loves also carries weight lifting belts, clothing, and men’s gloves. To learn more about G-Loves check out

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