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‘Agent Carter’ Makes a Grand Entrance with Season 2

Agent Carter is back for a second season, but this time, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is taking on the West Coast.
This was a two-episode premiere, so bear with me as I dive into this season two review and recap.
In the first episode, “The Lady of the Lake,” Peggy is still in New York City going after Dottie Underwood, who evaded escape at the end of the first season. Peggy and Dottie engage in hand-to-hand combat with Peggy obviously taking the upper hand, because she’s Peggy Carter.
The episode then cuts to Los Angeles where Agent Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) is now Chief Sousa of the SSR’s Los Angeles office.
He’s got a bit of a unique case on his hands when a dead body is discovered in a lake, but it’s not just a normal discovery because the body is frozen solid in a cube of ice in a lake in hot Los Angeles. So you get why that’s weird. He’s working with a local detective, but he makes a call to New York City asking Jack (Chad Michael Murray) to send an agent to help.
As Peggy is interrogating Dottie about this lapel pin of seeming importance, Jack decides to send her, telling Peggy that Sousa specifically asked for her. We know there was some tension between them last season. Poor Sousa’s had a crush on Peggy for a while. She at first argues against it, but jet sets off to LA.
Peggy arrives in LA to find Jarvis (James D’Arcy) ready to pick her up at Howard Stark’s request. But I should also mention Bernard Stark, Howard’s new pet flamingo. (This show doesn’t lack for humorous moments, that’s for sure) Peggy says she doesn’t need Howard or Jarvis’ help, but Jarvis admits he’s “profoundly and exhaustively bored.” Life without Peggy would be extremely boring for Jarvis, I could imagine.
Peggy arrives to the new SSR offices, under the guise of The Auerbach Theatrical Agency, because LA, am I right?
When Peggy arrives, Sousa is thrown off. He wasn’t expecting her, and Peggy realizes that when she gauges his surprise at seeing her. Sousa is a gentleman though and doesn’t make her feel uncomfortable when she discovers the truth.
The local detective is a bit of a sexist, but Peggy shows how great of an asset she is because obviously Peggy Carter is the one who is going to get everything done. She doesn’t think the ice and body are connected and isn’t going to leave any stone unturned.
At the morgue, they discover that the body is solidly frozen through and also glows in the dark, so the coroner has no idea what’s going on. Peggy surmises that the problem is related to exposure to radiation. They are informed of a place that has a reactor, Isodyne Energy, so they head over to investigate.
The front desk lady is secretive, so obviously Peggy sneaks in and finds Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin), a physicist, in the hallway and he shows her his way of making delicious wine. He flirts with her a bit, and it looks like this might be Peggy’s new love interest. She shows him a picture of the dead body, and he recognizes it as Jane, a colleague of his who was also having an affair with the owner of Isodyne Energy, Calvin Chadwick (Currie Graham). Looks like we have a new villain on our hands. Peggy is caught and kicked out, but not before Jason gives her his number and contact info.
So along with being a sexist, the police guy is also a racist, calling Jason a “janitor” when he is a doctor and physicist. Ah, racism.
Peggy meets Jarvis’ wife, Ana (Lotte Verbeek), seemingly the complete opposite to Jarvis’ stoic manner. They are adorable. Anyway, Ana is helping Peggy with an outfit for her undercover mission to a horse race, where Calvin will be. Wonderful Ana also sewed a garter that serves as a gun holster because it’s perfectly necessary for the only female agent in the SSR.
Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.25.17 AM
At the race, Jarvis and Peggy spot Calvin and his wife, Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett). Jarvis distracts Whitney as Peggy poses as a Calvin supporter (he’s running for Senate). Then she blindsides him by mentioning Jane and saying that she is dead. I think he has something to do with it.
Sousa, Peggy and the police guy return to the morgue to find that whatever froze the body has also frozen the coroner and he hits the ground and shatters into frozen pieces. So this is contagious?
In NYC, Jack realizes that he needs Peggy. Dottie isn’t afraid of him. Duh. But Jack’s fragile masculinity screwed him out of solving this case for now and the FBI interferes to take the case. That’s what you get, Jack.
Back in LA, Peggy calls Jason to look at the bodies and determine what’s going on. Police guy goes to drink water, but it freezes as he goes in to drink it. Is he doing this? Did he kill that girl? What is freezing everything?! Then police guy kidnaps Jason, steals Jarvis’ car and tells him to fix him. So he is the problem?
Sousa, Carter, and Jarvis discover the stolen vehicle, but it’s frozen and no one is inside. The scene cuts to police guy and Jason, and it’s revealed that police guy didn’t kill Jane, but he was supposed to dispose of the body and make it look like an old case before it was screwed up with the whole frozen factor. Police guy goes to shoot Jason when Sousa stumbles on them, but the guy is frozen. Dude is dying. But then a random policeman comes up and shoots him. He explodes into pieces and Peggy incredulously yells at the man that she said no guns!! Why won’t anyone listen to the smartest person here? Dumb policeman says he didn’t have his radio.
Turns out random policeman was hired by Calvin to kill other policemen. Isodyne Energy is all up in this mystery now. Oh, and his wife, Whitney, is also involved. Ms. Frost, your name implies something mysterious.
Peggy discovers that Sousa has a girlfriend after watching from the window, so it looks like there will be some back-and-forth before the two end up together, if they even do at all. We actually have no idea who Peggy’s husband is. Anyway, the episode ends with Jason looking at some floating matter that ebbs and flows. Is he involved? He asked Peggy out! Don’t hurt Peggy, mister.

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