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SuperBetter: Be the Best You

With the end of summer drawing dangerously close, we can look forward to Thanksgiving, festive family gatherings, and friendly reunions in autumn.  Although these events are all wonderful, they can sometimes be a source of immense stress.  Not only do I have four weddings to attend this fall, but I also begin yet another school year as a middle school teacher.  Talk about anxiety and stress! One way that I plan to deal with the chaos is with the awesome help of the game SuperBetter.

To put it simply, SuperBetter is a game for your mobile device in which you complete power-up tasks, fight off bad guys, solve quests, and level-up all in the name of rewards and prizes.  However, unlike traditional games the reward of playing SuperBetter is genuine and truly worth fighting for: your health and happiness!

Jane McGonigal is a game designer who believes that games, specifically video games, can help to solve real-world problems and make the world a better place.  In 2010, Jane suffered from a severe concussion and was bedridden with depressed.  She decided to turn her recovery into a game and enlisted the help of her friends and family, “allies”; made a secret identity, “Jane the Concussion Slayer”; identified painful symptoms, “bad guys”; and thought up small tasks that made her feel better, “power-ups.”  After her recovery, Jane developed this idea into an interactive game for mobile devices called SuperBetter.  Gamers and non-gamers alike can use this app to improve an aspect of their lives such as dealing with a mental or physical illness, losing weight, eating healthier, reducing stress and anxiety, or just getting super better! You can even join forces with your friends, or brag about your success, through social media sites like Facebook.

Download the app for $1.99 to add years of happiness to your life!

Photo courtesy of superbetter.com

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