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‘We’re All Gonna Die’ Brings Out A New Dawes

Dawes is a band known for their folk-rock sound. The California band’s sound usually consists of a more banjo-focused, laid back vibe. However, the group has completely veered away from their traditional sound with their new album, We’re All Gonna Die. The band’s fifth album takes a stylistic detour, instead boasting a more R&B type sound with storytelling lyrics. This newly found upbeat, funky sound is taking Dawes in an exciting and new direction.

We’re All Gonna Die opens with the song, “One of Us,” where listeners are immediately made aware of Dawes’ new sound. The song draws on R&B, rock, and electronic sounds to create a fascinating, rock-out-in-your-car anthem. You can’t help but nod your head and sing along.
“Roll Tide” best exemplifies this new R&B sound that Dawes has taken on. The slow, smooth essence of this song is one that mirrors a very John Legend-type sound. It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking song, talking about a desperate grasp to hold on to a losing love. “Your boy from Birmingham seems nice enough to me / But unqualified for you, and your heavy vibes.”
“Quitter” is another interesting song that shows this dramatic shift Dawes has taken with the album. This song is one of the most upbeat on the album, possessing a strong funk-rock vibe. It also has some of the most compelling lyrics of any of the songs. “Quit telling these girls your ideas about forever / When you only plan to know them for a night / Quit wasting my time because pretty soon you’ll find/ It’s the only thing of value that we own / You’re gonna have to quit everything / Until you find one thing you want.”
“When the Tequila Runs Out” is a much less serious song, poking fun at the party scene. It focuses on the events of a night at a party, describing different scenes throughout the night. One of the most amusing lines goes, “Then our host bust out of his bedroom, with his glasses slightly bent / He gets up on the diving board to tell us how he feels.“ And you can’t forget the catchy chorus that sounds through the entire song: “When the tequila runs out / We’ll be drinking champagne / When the tequila runs out / We’ll be feeling no pain.”
Dawes’ new album is something fresh and exciting. Be sure to check it out. You can stream it on Spotify.
And check out the music video for ‘When the Tequila Runs Out’ here:

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