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‘Agent Carter’ Makes a Grand Entrance with Season 2

Time for episode two.
This episode starts with a humorous scene between Jarvis and Peggy. Jarvis told Peggy that he has begun working out and challenges her to fight. She’s not interested, but he begins to poke her and egg her on. She takes him down, but then he surprises her and sort of ends up straddling her. Ana walks in and is unfazed by her husband and Peggy. Oh Ana, who are you? She seems used to Jarvis’ weird antics.
Rose (Lesley Boone), who works the front desk for the LA office, is urging Sousa to tell Peggy about his girlfriend. He’s thinking about it, but when Rose and Sousa get to the office, Peggy has already met the gf, and they are getting along famously. Violet, the girlfriend, even asks Peggy to join them for dinner, which Sousa doesn’t seem to pleased about.
Back to the whole mystery part again. The frozen body still in tact was supposed to be transferred for research, but as the process is happening, a man appears and kills two of the agents transporting the body. Isodyne?
Cut to Calvin and he’s meeting with some old men telling him they are closing Isodyne and that he needs to focus on his political career. So big bad isn’t the biggest bad. Is this a Hydra-type thing? Like what exactly is going on?
The stolen body thing helps Sousa and Peggy get a search warrant for Isodyne, but when they arrive, there’s a “containment leak.” How convenient for Isodyne. They spot Jason in the lobby but he refuses to help. But not really. He actually managed to slip Peggy a note with an address on it. Smooth or helpful? I can’t decide.
He then sneaks into a room and steals a film reel, so it looks like he’s on the good side, but he’s spotted, so now we know he’s not going to be safe.
The address is apparently the place for the “colored crowd” to go, according to Sousa. Remember, this is the 1940s, so segregation and racism are abundant. When they are discussing what to do about this and the date that Sousa was about to cancel, an engagement ring falls out of his jacket. Peggy realizes what was supposed to happen tonight and tells him to go on the date with Violet. She says she can handle the meeting with Jason alone.
Ana helps her pick out an outfit once again, and Jarvis gives her the keys to one of Howard’s cars, only this one is really made for sex, cause it’s Howard Stark and he’s always prepared for, well, hooking up.
Peggy meets up with Jason, and he’s giving off that date vibe, but Peggy is all business. Doctor Smooth, as I’ve taken to call Jason, manages to get her to open up saying that he needs to trust her. She orders herself her drink of choice, a whisky, and shares some of her past. Doctor Smooth gets her to slow dance with him, but we see that when the two of them leave, a man has been watching them, and he follows. It’s the same man that stole the body too, so I’m guessing Isodyne is behind this.
This episode reveals a bit more about Whitney Frost and her husband. He’s waiting for her when she gets off set to tell her about the company being shut down. She’s upset because she is smart one here and wants to continue working with the “zero matter” to create a new form of energy.
Jason takes Peggy to the Griffith Observatory and opens up about his past and how he ended up at Isodyne. Apparently, they were the only place willing to hire a black scientist. Jason turns on a projector to show her the film he stole. It’s apparently footage of an atomic bomb test that failed and resulted in the “zero matter.” Everything that was sucked up by the matter is gone. Jason thinks touching it results in the icy death that Jane suffered from. Peggy’s plan is to steal it.
But as this is being discussed, three men appear, one of them the dude from the bar. Jason shoots at them while Peggy turns on a switch in Howard’s car that will let Jarvis know where they are. Peggy hotwires a car and the two of them speed off. As they are driving, Peggy finds a lapel pin like the one Dottie had, so it seems like this is all connected.
Jarvis and Ana tell Sousa that Peggy might be in trouble just as he was about to go on his date. He stops it to find Peggy and help her if needed. He cares about her.
Peggy and Jason’s car hits the fritz, so they find a donut shop and head in to ask for change for a pay phone. Ah, the ‘40s. He’s a sexist, racist jerk who first infers that Peggy is in danger because she’s with a black man and then judges her when she gets mad at him for his racist comments. He won’t give them change unless they buy something.
Jason doesn’t let the racist comment stop him, and he quips that the donut is tasty. Peggy is seething from the interaction and angrily takes a bite before throwing it to the ground. When she tests the phone, it doesn’t even work. A car pulls up and the two hide in the phone booth to make sure they are safe. They KISS! But then Peggy decides to steal the car, and Jason’s dream of just being with Peggy goes down the drain.
Sousa, Jarvis, and Rose find Howard’s car, but not Peggy and Sousa is pissed. He thinks Jason had something to do with it.
The two make it to Isodyne and split up. Jason is attempting to transport the matter when Ms. Frost shows up. What is she doing there?! Well, turns out she’s trying to do the same thing.
They both struggle to keep the container when they drop it and it shatters, sucking the both of them up. Peggy hears the explosion and runs looking for him. Peggy emerges from the building alone, just as Sousa, Jarvis, and police arrive.  
And for the ending:

  • Violet is waiting for Sousa to give him a bear claw. She says she loves him and he says it back, but I can tell he doesn’t mean it like she does. I think Sousa still has mad feelings for Peggy, and I feel horrible for wanting them to end up together.
  • Ana and Peggy are talking about the death of Jason. Peggy is sad, but I don’t think Jason is gone for good.
  • And for the most insane shock of the night, Whitney isn’t dead. She’s crying in her bedroom with a scar from the zero matter or the zero matter itself embedded in her head. How did she survive? How did she get home? What happened to the matter? Where’s Jason? Are they dying? Are they evil? Are they contagious? Stay tuned for the rest of the season. Agent Carter is back.

All in all, I’m excited to see the rest of this season play out, and I still aspire to be Peggy Carter. Honestly, how could you not?
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‘Agent Carter’ Makes a Grand Entrance with Season 2: Photo credit courtesy of ABC/Agent Carter

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