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Jakeke Examines Toxic Relationships on ‘Chasing Thrills’

Jakeke returns with their latest single “Chasing Thrills” in the underground R&B scene. “Chasing Thrills” is an ambient R&B ballad about toxic relationships, substance abuse and codependency.

The minimal production, built upon an acoustic guitar loop, allows for every lyric to be emphasized. “You don’t feel like home anymore.”

Jakeke reckons; speaking to a love that’s run its course.

By the end of the record, Jakeke pleads for their loved one to call them, conflicting with the previous lyric of not knowing why their loved one calls. This represents the cyclical nature of toxic relationships.

“I can’t change the way you feel.” Jakeke mourns the damage their relationship has caused both parties.

“This song is as much an emotional reckoning as it is an ode to suffering. We can’t change the way people process pain, even if that process only hurts us more.”

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Jakeke Bio:

Born in Oklahoma, Jakeke is a new DIY R&B artist with Afro-Mexican roots. Currently studying at USC, the young LA-based artist draws inspiration from Omar Apollo and Frank Ocean.

Jakeke released their debut single “Too Much” in November of 2020. The self-produced record highlighted their melodic-driven songwriting with nods to Pop-R&B.

The following August of 2021, Jakeke returned with their second single “Cuando Lo Quieres,” an upbeat blend of reggaeton and funk. The track, co-written with their mom, was featured on NPR Music’s “Alt.Latino” Spotify playlist.

Through their music, Jakeke explores adolescence, identity, and heartbreak.
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