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AdeJosh Asserts His High Standards in His New EP, “All For Me”

AdeJosh Asserts His High Standards in His New EP, “All For Me”

AdeJosh wants you to know that afroswing is a feast for the senses. “Afroswing to me is the UK bounce with a sprinkle of afrobeats. This is down to the words and lingo heavily influenced by sweet melodies and bright sounds with a driven bassline,” he explains. The British-Nigerian artist blends both aspects of his heritage in his music. ”My music is heavily influenced by melodies, the tone and texture which I get from my Nigerian background listening to different sounds. I infuse the British side with my lingo and swag and put the best of both worlds into my music.” He first made a statement with his debut EP, Confident. “It is about being confident in my calling, which is music. It is something I was always meant to do.”

Now he’s back again with the same high expectations for his newest EP, All For Me. “All For Me is about self-worth and understanding what I want for myself. The standards that I set for myself. ‘My Own’ is almost a self-reflective piece speaking words of affirmation as I use sweet melodies and smooth leads on this upbeat track. The pace and groove of the song almost suggests the need to keep moving as I take us through the motions of my past, understanding the need to be without my partner and do my own thing. ‘Chargie’ serves as the turning point in this saga and is a representation of where a man meets his soon to be partner and is now in pursuit. Using lines like ‘I only got my eyes on you’ and ‘the way you whine your body suh’, I don’t stray from being direct in my approach and I’m almost in awe of this feminine goddess. ‘All For Me’ concludes this journey and takes listeners on an artistic genre-blending exploration of my future self-understanding and awareness; showcasing my emotions as I recognizes my worth and value as a man, to then meet ‘the one’ who brings that ‘spark’ to my life; enabling me to understand what I deserve as a King.”

He is determined to assert what he deserves through his most cherished medium. “As a young Black man, it is easy to be shaped by your environment and allow your environment to shape your standards. It’s easy to follow norms and trends created by society. Music is my truth, my expression, my communication, my escape from reality. Sometimes I get lost in the melodies which touch my innermost feelings. Music is life and the only thing I’ve got.” The EP can be thought of as a proud coronation of an improved AdeJosh. “By the end of the EP, I want listeners to see a more advanced AdeJosh. AdeJosh 2.0 is being confident and having self-value and understanding what I bring to the table. This is a short journey but has been intentional, hence why we provided four tracks, for people to expect the unexpected.”  All For Me embodies this newfound self-assurance. “My first EP is about understanding the calling. I was getting an understanding and feel of what my calling is about. With All For Me, I am now equipped, this is now AdeJosh 2.0. This EP is very intentional, ‘My Own’ is spiritual vibes for people who feel music spiritually. ‘Chargie’ is for my music lovers, people who understand music. All For Me is a combination of everything vibes, spiritual, and energy. AdeJosh 2.0 is someone with more clarity and understanding about what he is here to do, and my music will most definitely show that.”  

AdeJosh had the opportunity to collaborate with longtime friend ATG Musick. “ATG has been my brother from early on. We started this journey together and we started our foundation of music in church, where we both learnt instruments. We started building from there, getting a more intense connection to music, so when we make music, it feels like home.” He’s setting his sights on a much grander stage moving forward, with ambitions to become a global star. “I have been creating a global sound that is not just restricted to one market. I see myself as a global international superstar. I want my sound to travel the world to cater to all people, not just people who listen to a particular genre.” With a passion that runs as deep as his, anything is possible. The world is all for AdeJosh. 

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AdeJosh Asserts His High Standards in His New EP, “All For Me.” Photo Credit: GNPC Entertainment.

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