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Party Throwing 101: How to Have a Successful Gathering Every Time

Have a Successful Gathering

Today we want to share some tips on how to have a successful gathering every time. Who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate? Whether it’s a gathering to commemorate a friend’s birthday, wedding anniversary, new job, or just to get together on any old Tuesday, throwing a party is always a good time. However, how can you ensure that you are truly the ‘hostest with the mostest’ and not just some stressed-out party planner running around the house all evening? There are a few main ingredients to a successful party recipe; below we reveal them all for your viewing pleasure!  With these helpful tips, you’ll never host a boring party again

Be Bold with the Guest List

The first step to throwing a party is curating the guest list. For many, this is the most intimidating phase of planning, as they mull over getting every detail just right. However, we recommend going bold with the guest list. This means inviting people from different friend groups who may only be acquaintances or even not know each other at all. This can add a little spice to the party, allowing your guests to spark new relationships, and ensuring they will always have something to talk about. Since nowadays everything is digital, send out an e-vite that your friends can keep easy track of on their mobile phones. This will also help you organize VIPs and other details for your gathering.

Keep People Entertained with Games

While it’s likely that a bold guest list will lead to lots of discussion and good vibes at your party, you’ll still want a back-up plan in case there are lulls in conversation, or you sense that things are dying down. This is where games come in. If you have some board games laying around the house that you know everyone will be familiar with, bring them out! On the other hand, if you know your crowd would appreciate something a bit more competitive, set up a game of poker. This is a great option since it requires few materials and can be played with as many as 14 people at a time. While some will probably know the basics of poker’s most popular variant, Texas Hold ‘em, some may need a refresher. Since poker has a large presence in the digital world (especially in the US market), guests can look up the rules online or have a virtual practice round before jumping in. For example, online poker in PA has been up and running since 2019, so residents of the Keystone state can tap in whenever they please. Once everyone grasps the fundamentals, this strategic card game is sure to liven up any party.

Have a Successful Gathering
Craft a delicious menu that will have your guests going back for seconds, thirds and fourths

Prioritize Music and Food

It’s easy to underestimate the musical factor to a party, asking yourself ‘Is it really necessary to have tunes playing in the background if everyone is playing games or chatting anyways? But music is important to setting the overall ambiance of your gathering, and it shouldn’t be left out! Of course, serving your guests appetizing food is also a must, as there will definitely be an expectation for dinner or at least some small finger foods and appetizers. If you’re in need of inspiration, download one of these celeb cooking apps and get scrolling for the perfect recipes. Just remember that all of the above party magic won’t come together properly if you don’t make it a point to plan in advance. So, if it’s music you’re after, create the perfect playlist at least a few days in advance. For food, prep and grocery shop beforehand so that there are only minor stresses the day of.

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