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5 Celebrity Chef Cooking Apps to Make Life Easier

While the Internet has put an infinite amount of recipes at our fingertips, creative meal planning is still a challenge for home chefs. It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut of cooking the same old recipes for the sake of getting dinner on the table quickly. Find some inspiration in the kitchen, and load up your tablet with these apps from your favorite world-famous culinary geniuses:

4327657744_687a23d69d_zJamie’s 20-Minute Meals

One of Britain’s most-famous culinary geniuses, Jamie Oliver helps prove to the masses that gourmet cuisine doesn’t have to take hours to prepare with his app, Jamie’s 20-Minute Meals. With over 60 quick and easy recipes, this app will help you answer the daily question of “what’s for dinner?” in a snap. Beware of browsing this app when hungry, though. Each recipe features mouthwatering step-by-step photography. Plus, this app includes video of Jamie’s instruction for tips and tricks to help you do everything from cook the perfect al dente pasta to improve your knife skills.
Pricing & Availability: $6.99–$7.69; available for iOS and Android.

martha-stewartMartha Stewart Makes Cookies

The queen of at-home entertaining gets straight to the point with the Martha Makes Cookies app, which houses all of Martha Stewart’s most-popular cookie recipes in one place. Recipes are categorized by flavor and type for easy access, and the beautifully designed cookie wheel interface makes this app as fun to use as it is functional. Packed with an assortment of useful tools and features like instructional videos, shopping lists, timers and even packaging ideas, this app is a baker’s dream.
Pricing & Availability: $1.99; available for iOS.

4533945061_4562d956ab_zNigella Quick Collection

Nigella Lawson’s namesake app is designed to appeal to foodies and aspiring chefs who are strapped for time but don’t see that as a reason to sacrifice the quality of their meals. Nigella Quick Collection features over 100 recipes that can be quickly prepared in six steps or less, which can help save you time when preparing a delicious dinner. The app’s robust content assortment even includes video tutorials and time-saving tips from Nigella herself. If you’re looking to simplify meal-planning or have a limited window of time to prepare evening meals, this app is a must-have in your kitchen arsenal.
Pricing & Availability: $4.99; available for iOS.

How to Cook Everything

New York Times’ leading food columnist Mark Bittman brings his cookbook to life on mobile devices. His app, How to Cook Everything, has over 400 easy-to-follow illustrations and an impressive catalogue of over 2,000 recipes. This app has everything you need to expand your cooking repertoire.
Pricing & Availability: $4.99; available for iOS and Windows.

Cake Boy

World-renowned British pastry chef Eric Lanlard, known affectionately as Cake Boy, brings his baking prowess to the public with the Cake Boy app. It features over 80 recipes, which are broken down into chapters including Basics and Pastries, Cakes, Tarts, Cheesecakes, Desserts and Cupcakes. The gluten-free crowd also will love Lanlard’s selection of tasty gluten-free sweets. Furthermore, most recipes also feature a suggested wine pairing. The Cake Boy app also has other handy features like a conversion tool to convert metric measurements into U.S. standard measurements as well as a recipe finder tool that culls recipes based on the ingredients you have on hand.
Pricing & Availability: $5.99; available for iOS and Android.
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