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Alisun Spreads and Expands Love in New Single, “Around the World”

Alisun has many eclectic influences, but none are more powerful than our source of life herself. “Some artists I really love are Aurora, Lady Gaga, Willow, Mose, Peia, and Polo & Pan, but where I really get my inspiration from is the earth. I learn the most from her and I always feel like she is writing through me rather than my own mind creating my songs. She is my greatest inspiration because everything in nature is a teacher; there is always more to learn.” The singer is extremely visual with her writing. Images are at the heart of all her music. “I would say as I release more and more of what I’ve created it will make more sense, but I always write with images in my mind. If there’s no image, there’s no song.” She endeavors to cultivate a magical and immersive experience for her listener.

Her new single brings a sense of urgency and responsibility to our collective quest to save Mother Earth from the wounds that humanity has inflicted upon her. “‘Around the World’ is a song I wrote to listen to what the younger generations have to say, listen to their hopes for the world and take action to make those a possibility. It’s also about taking care of our planet because we’re doing so much to her and so many companies are lost in their own greed, leaving these generations behind to pick up their mess, if they even can by then.” She wants to rediscover the world and reconnect with the gratitude of simply being alive in such a wonderful place that we too often take for granted. “To me, that process means having a new appreciation for everything and how every day we can choose to tap into the uniqueness of it, the minor details that make everything in life count or we can just let them all blur into a blended moment. I just remember that it’s so special to be here on earth and that every part of my experience here should be shown love and appreciation.” When it comes to filling her own life with love and light, Alisun is mindful to embrace the entirety of her emotions and perspective. “It’s not only love and light but also shadows, pain, working through our automatic programming to become our best version every day, growing, thanking our process, and what it took to grow while leaving those other aspects behind. It can only be love and light if we take a step back to also give love to the aspects that do not serve us anymore, understanding them, not judging them or condemning them, just letting them go. And eventually working with our new shadow self as well.”

We must also see one another as reflections of the self to cultivate true universal compassion. “Once we learn to see ourselves in another, in every ‘other’ we will not need to try to love, we will just do it.” At the moment, Alisun is basking in the joy of the present. “I think the most exciting thing for me is just right now! I’m excited to continue growing within my light to be able to share a greater portion of that with others.” As we all love and support one another, we can flourish in communal growth.

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Alisun Dreams of Rescuing the Planet in New Single, “Around the World.” Photo Credit: Marbella Music. 

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