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Fabriq – Serotonin (Official Video)

Fabriq is an Electro-Pop Funk duo comprised of LA natives Daniel Davila and Cooper Bell. The duo released two singles in their first year as collaborators and debuted their first music video on Billboard. They have racked up over 243,000,000 impressions with 1,300,000 music video views, and over 400,000 music streams on Spotify and SoundCloud. Davila and Bell are inspired by the likes of Maroon 5, Prince, Jamiroquai, and Bruno Mars, along with the stylistic contributions of the 70’s and 80’s.

Is there a difference between “real happiness” and “Serotonin”,  or is happiness just a temporary fix, like morning coffee? We all want immediate satisfaction in a world where everything happens so quickly- but that’s not how the pursuit of happiness works – at least, in our youthful opinion.

Electro-pop duo Fabriq challenges this notion in their NEW song and video titled “Serotonin“, the second release from their upcoming EP.

Serotonin was inspired by a girl who had everything, but struggled with depression.  She is caught between two worlds and felt reliant on anti-depressants to be emotionally stable, but always stopped taking them because they made her feel incapable of feeling emotion. In other words, the meds kept her from feeling depressed, but she also couldn’t be truly happy while she was taking them. The first world is addictive, because she feels emotionally safe and dull, but she knows somewhere deep down, that she’s missing her true emotions.  She feels stuck in a grey zone, and fights to break free from it, but fears the emotional extremes that come with leaving. The second world is exciting, but also overwhelming and hard for her to maintain.  When she’s in this world she feels like she’s lost control, because she can suddenly feel these emotional extremes again. It requires her to take a real look at herself.  Sometime’s she’s in absolute bliss, and sometimes she’s horrified with what she finds. Two worlds which depict how this song represents addictions of all forms – relationships, social media, addiction to being ‘perfect’ on Instagram, etc. Serotonin is about trying to cope in today’s world by taking advantage of all the fleeting fixes.


It was important for Fabriq to stick to this contradiction in the video so they found an eccentric apartment located in Hollywood and spent half of the day shooting there. In the video, you’ll see it’s a life-sized pink dollhouse that was lit like a haunted house – created to perfectly fit the dark-disco ambiance they wanted.

Nicole, the leading lady in the video, embodies the protagonist of the title track and the muse of the entire EP.  The visual story is about someone fighting between two worlds and having to make a choice between them. Fabriq represents themselves as extensions of her inner thoughts, being tied up when she felt restrained, and set free in her moments of clarity. The video is open ended, because it is the beginning of the story. You’ll have to listen to the rest of the album to see where Nicole’s relationship with Fabriq, and with herself, ends up.



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