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Loren North’s Stunning Video for “Feel It Out”

Loren North is an incredibly talented L.A.-based singer/songwriter. Her latest single, “Feel It Out,” is a beautifully poignant song about getting lost to find yourself. The artist just released a visually stunning music video to accompany the single. Here are some of the fascinating themes that can be seen throughout the video.  
North is wearing white throughout much of the song. In the beginning of the video, she is sitting on a large tree branch dressed in a flowing white dress, a tattoo of a cross clearly visible on her ankle. I thought the recurring theme of white clothing stood for purity in several aspects. It symbolizes the purity of starting over, of trying to find one’s true self. The white can also stand for the purity of being independent and possessing self-reliance. When North is standing with the man in the video, she is dressed in all black while he wears a white shirt, causing a stark contrast. Yet when there are shots of her alone, she’s in mostly or all white. This potentially could reflect that darkness exists in depending on others, while purity comes from independence. It’s interesting how white dresses and clothing can continue to be seen throughout the entire video; it’s strikingly beautiful.
Dark and Light
There’s the continual contrast between light and dark. The male figure that can be seen standing next to North in many of the shots is dressed in a white t-shirt, while North is dressed in all black. North can then be seen in another shot, lying on the ground wearing black with a white fur shawl lying on her shoulders. There’s then a scene with a gorgeous dark gray/purple/blue smoke engulfing North and the man in the video. This dark smoke seems to be consuming them, contrasted by the bright outdoor setting. Later, there is a light pink and yellow smoke that is much brighter. This lighter smoke can be seen only surrounding the man, who is wearing white. The continual contrast between light and dark is intriguing.
North seems detached from the male figure in much of the video. She is often seen standing next to him, but looking in the opposite direction from him. She is also seen alone and running–potentially from the male figure. The two are often just standing side by side, never embracing. The closest they get to any physical contact is when North lays her head on the male’s shoulder at one point. The man never shows any type of affection toward North in the video. This theme of detachment further shows the songs message of independence, and getting lost to find yourself.
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