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Taylor Swift: ‘Wildest Dreams’ Music Video Review

With the premiere of her new music video for “Wildest Dreams” at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift has yet again displayed her storytelling skills as an art form. Working with video director, Joseph Kahn, the mastermind behind the “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” music videos, “Wildest Dreams” is laid out with an old-school 1950’s Hollywood take, set in the Serengeti. Model-turned-actor Scott Eastwood plays the love interest of Swift as they both begin to fall for one another on the set of a film production. Although their romance seems to be taking off during the making of the film, it fizzles out as the cameras disappear and they are left to deal with the reality of the relationship when Swift finds Eastwood’s character has brought another woman as his date to the movie premiere.

Much like the modern take of relationships nowadays, Swift may have created this storyline with the use of actors as her characters, but it is still relatable to those who have had a similar situation with a relationship where commitment remains a gray area and knowing where you stand is next to impossible.

“I can see the end as it begins,” is a line from the song that elicits Swift’s vulnerability in its most sincere form. She speaks from a place of acceptance, knowing what the outcome will be and although it may not be the best situation, that single lyric is able to show the growth in her maturity.    
“Nothing lasts forever / But this is going to take me down,” alternatively shows how Swift’s outlook on love may have taken an unfortunate turn. That being said, her strength for moving forward with it despite her ill-fated luck in her past relationships speaks for the amount of courage and positivity that remain a part of who she is.
Although the video ended on a tragic note, with Swift driving off on a deserted road in the dead of night as she stares through the rearview mirror, watching Scott Eastwood’s character come running after her, it sends a great message for all who may be or have been in unhealthy relationships. Although she left heartbroken, she also left with more self-respect. Letting go is always difficult, but sometimes you need to let go to give yourself a chance at getting something better and more deserving. There is a reason Taylor Swift has risen in success throughout the years and she has proven to us just why that is once again with this song and music video.
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