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Country Phenom Tiera Kennedy Elevates the Genre with Contemplative Beauty

Alabama native Tiera Kennedy was inspired by the musical soul of the south. “I grew up in Birmingham and was always surrounded by music since I was young,” she says. “When I was in high school, I met this group of bluegrass guys that taught me everything I needed to know about country music. I think that’s where I found my love for traditional country music.” The genre offers an unparalleled opportunity for narrative and an honest introspection into the heart. Psychologists are overrated when you have lyrics at your fingertips. “I feel like everyone says this but it’s so true – the storytelling is what drew me to country music. Besides actually performing the songs, writing is my favorite part of being an artist. Every time I get in the writers’ room with my friends, it’s like a therapy session. The songwriting community in country music is really something special.” Before long, she received a surprise CMT Awards nomination. “I was shocked! CMT has always been a big supporter of mine, but I definitely wasn’t expecting to receive that nomination. I got to attend the awards with my husband and walk the carpet with him for the first time, so it was definitely a special night.” Such an esteemed honor incentivized her to pursue her passion with even more gusto. “Sometimes it feels like I’m making music in a bubble, so to have it be recognized like that is motivating and validating.”

Tiera has even bigger dreams in store. “I’m so, so excited to finally be releasing my debut album! I wrote the entire project with my friends and got to write some honest stories. It’s gonna make you laugh, cry, dance, and everything in between!” Though we might feel isolated in our experience, we’re more united than we might think. The country starlet’s music is an affirmation of that quietly shared universality. “I think no matter what walk of life you’re on, we’re all going through similar things at the end of the day. This album is filled with my personal stories, but I hope people feel seen through each song.”

It’s also important to prioritize your self-worth beyond your accomplishments. Tiera found herself through beauty. “Over the pandemic, I realized the importance of self-care. Inside and outside. When I look beautiful, I feel beautiful. I feel the most beautiful when I’ve done my skincare, so that’s a definite must for me every morning!” That same elation gives life to her songs. “I think the concept of music in general is beautiful. It’s a universal language for all. Music is something anyone and everyone can turn to in their darkest and happiest of times.” She will ensure that stunning melodies will carry you through life’s ups and downs.

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Country Phenom Tiera Kennedy Elevates the Genre with Contemplative Beauty. Photo Credit: Alexa Campbell.