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3 top Tips for Improved Mental Well-being

improved mental well-being

Today we want to share top tips for improved mental well-being. It is an unpleasant fact that we live in a world that is filled with stress. Most of us have recent memories of the problems and worries caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and how it caused us to fear for ours and our loved ones’ safety in the midst of recurring national lockdowns and restrictions on daily life. In addition, our working worlds tend to be a breeding ground for stressful situation and rushing to complete task after task without much in the way of relief. In 2022 mental well-being should be high up on everyone’s agenda. Having a healthy mental outlook is a key way of enjoying a full and happy life. In this article three key ways in which we can take simple steps to improve our mental well-being will be explored in detail.

Consider THC-free CBD products

CBD products are increasingly popular amongst people who want to feel a range of benefits that can promote improved mental well-being. These can include reduced levels of anxiety, improved sleep patterns and the ability to recover effectively from exercising. However, one drawback for a lot of CBD products is that they can contain traces of THC. This is the active part of a marijuana plant that gives cannabis users the “high” they feel. Clearly if you are considering CBD products you will not want something that puts THC into your body as this may become extremely problematic if your workplace undertakes random drug tests. Thankfully today there are a growing range of suitable products on the market that offer CBD without THC and are made from orange peel rather than hemp. Such products are the ideal solution for people who want the benefits of CBD without any associated problems with ingesting THC.

Practice mindfulness

improved mental well-being

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Another key way in which people can reduce stress levels and gain control over anxiety in life is to regularly practice mindfulness. This is a simple exercise to undertake where people listen to relaxing ambient sounds or guided meditations that allow them to focus on the here and now without having the multitude of thoughts or distractions in day-to-day life breaking concentration. There are an immense range of mindfulness apps on the market today that allow the user to experience freedom from the fast paced and hectic world with scheduled sessions of calm and an emphasis on focusing and appreciating being in the present moment. Here are some of the best mindfulness apps in 2022 that can help to provide relief from the often stressful pace of modern living. 

Talk about your problems

This final point is often overlooked by people who are feeling the effects of stress and worry. The old saying is “a problem shared is a problem halved” and it simply could not be truer. When we “bottle up” our fears and problems we are not dealing with them, we are allowing them to live inside us and not be dealt with effectively. By talking to close friends or relatives that we know we can confide in and explaining what is worrying us, we take a vital first step in alleviating the stress and worry that come with these problems. Simply by verbalising our problems we can begin to feel better about them and may be able to view the situation more objectively. Whilst our friends and relatives may not have all the solutions, this is not really the point. A friendly ear and some understanding words can help to put life’s problems in perspective and give relief from permanently residing in our minds.

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