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How to Build a Restful Sleep Routine

Build a Restful Sleep Routine

Today we want to show you how to build a restful sleep routine. One of the key pillars of a healthy lifestyle is your sleep. A night of good sleep will give you the energy you need for the day, helping your body repair and relax when you need it the most. Yet because of work, stresses, and lifestyle choices, many people experience sub-optimal sleep – leading them to health issues and affecting their overall wellness. This article is all about building a sleep routine that will give you better rest, which could have profound effects on the rest of your life.

No Screens

When you’re approaching your set bedtime – and it’s good to have a set bedtime for most of the week so that your body knows it’s time to wind down – you should avoid screens. Televisions, tablets, and smartphones in the bedroom may not be such a wise idea for when you’re trying to sleep, as the blue light that they emit can keep you awake for longer. It’s wiser to have a book by the bedside if you’re not feeling immediately tired, which you can read with a low, yellow light that is less likely to keep you in wakefulness.


Sleep is also about your body’s sensations. If you wind down with scented candles and lower noise levels – perhaps even putting in ear plugs in advance of your sleep – you’ll find that your body takes these cues as a sign to switch off and relax. These things are smart to add to your sleep routine, as are herbal remedies such as CBD oil for sleep, which may help you to relax, unwind and attempt to secure a more restful sleep. However, please check with your doctor before adding this to your routine. Add sensations to your sleep routine in order to give your body as many cues as possible that you’re approaching your bedtime.


Most people brush their teeth immediately before they hit the hay. This is another sign to your body that bedtime is soon approaching and a brilliant routine to put in place before sleeping. You can also build other elements into your sleep routine too, such as having a shower an hour before you go to sleep or ensuring that you have your clothes for the following day laid out on the floor, ready to put on in the morning. Again, just adding these cues to your routine will give your sleep structure, enabling you to sleep more soundly on a more regular basis.


Adults all experience some level of stress, be that from their personal, familial, romantic, domestic, or professional lives. These stresses can come to the fore when you’re lying in bed attempting to sleep, keeping you aware of niggling thoughts and feelings. Finding ways to put these stresses to one side will help you get a better night’s sleep. Some people use a journal before bed to unload their minds onto the pages of a book, while others simply turn off the notifications on their phones and try to clear their minds with meditation.

Use these tips to help you achieve a night of better sleep in the coming weeks and months based on a reliable cycle and routine that will help your overall well-being.

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