Overcoming The Aches and Pains of Your New Fitness Regime

Hows your new fitness regime going?  Since the lockdown has been enforced, it’s possible that you, like many, many others, have taken to filling the time with daily exercise. You’re exercising more than you ever have before, going for runs, completing home workout videos, lifting makeshift weights while you pass the days away watching daytime TV. But with this newfound passion, are you also feeling sorer than ever before? Even if you’re not doing anything else, this isn’t what you need, so here are some tips for overcoming aches and pains. 

new fitness regime

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Fetching and Stretching 

Lactic acid buildup is one of the primary surprises that plagues people new to working out. This buildup comes from failing to stretch following your workout, as your body creates it when low on oxygen and tries to convert it into glucose for energy. 

While it’s nothing long-term or especially harmful, it means that you can be out of action for a couple of days after smashing your fitness goals. To avoid the prevalence of lactic acid buildup, take 20 minutes to cool down and stretch your muscles at the end of the workout. 

Ice As Nice

Ice packs are a tried and tested method of preventing severe muscle aches and pains, especially after an injury or an intense workout. The ice helps to ease any swelling and prevents inflammation, which could cause soreness the next day and beyond. 

Depending on how serious your injury is, you may need to keep it iced for as long as the swelling is prominent, while also remembering the other three letters of the RICE technique. These are Rest, Compression, and Elevation, and they should help you overcome any injuries. 

new fitness regime

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Treat Yo’ Self

Whether a massage or a nice hot bath, treating yourself can have enormous benefits for eliminating the aches and pains after a workout. A massage works on muscle stimulation, which reduces inflammation and can also help with mobility and flexibility. The low impact activity is often touted as one of the best post-workout solutions. 

Additionally, you can buy CBD oil and add a few drops to the bathtub to relax the muscles. As the pores open up when in warm water, it makes it easier to absorb, providing immediate benefits.

Did you know that bean bags can reduce back pain? It is an age-old trick that people use – regardless of age or gender – to unwind or get relief from back pain. The critical feature of this treatment method is that it does not require any unique application. Simply incorporate it into any seating choice at home or work, or even outdoors. It is healthy for your posture too, and you’ll soon realize this pouch packed full of dried beans or PVC pellets is much more than just a fun addition to your room.

Take It Easy

It can be a challenge to find your limit when it comes to exercising, especially if you’ve never really done any before. You find that you either go too hard or not hard enough, and this makes you feel one of two things: exhausted or unsatisfied.  Body building clothes for men will provide you comfort and allow you to perform at your very best.

To reduce the prominence of muscle aches, it’s best to ease yourself into and out of the workout. Going too hard too quickly when your muscles aren’t warmed up won’t do you any good while continuing to smash it once you’re finished will only cause more significant problems. 

No Pain, No Gain

Pain at least means it’s all working as it should, but too much pain means it will be impossible to develop a consistent and regular routine. If you take the right steps to alleviate the pains and aches following your workout, you’ll find yourself able to keep on top of everything and see the results you want to see.

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