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Living Stress Free – 4 Important Life Tips Parents and Schools Don’t Always Teach You

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Who out there cares about living stress free? There’s such a buzz around ‘stress free living’ these days. Enough studies have been done that you probably know that stress is something to be avoided.   But that’s easier said than done, right?

living stress free

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The Importance of Managing Stress

Life in the 21st century is tricky and you may be thrown into situations you never planned for, no matter how carefully you walk through life. Let’s be honest: the human race has created a pretty complicated way of living for ourselves. In short, it’s difficult to keep tabs on everything you need to manage to cruise through your day to day. 

It would be nice if you can learn all life’s skills while in school, but the reality is that this doesn’t happen: you learn to live when you’re doing life.  But perhaps we can help to lower stress or help you prepare for future scenarios you may not have thought of yet.  Let’s manage tension, so you don’t develop premature wrinkles and crow’s feet. 

4 Tips to Avoid and Manage Stressful Situations

You and Your Relationships

You can read many articles about relationships, but most people only learn the real truth once they engage with people at work, in friendships and in romantic relationships. 

Here you need to keep a balance: don’t alienate yourself from others by being too focused on your work. But also, don’t let people decide your future for you.

To get out of a relationship is often more stressful than one expects, so be wise in who you allow close to you. Judge a situation based on people’s actions, not only their words. Someone may seem endearing, but be on the lookout for being manipulated.

living stress free

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You, Your Car and Your House

At some stage in life you may have to purchase a house or pick out a vehicle and it can be a daunting experience. Realize the truth: no matter how much they smile, sales representatives only care about confirming the purchase, with no real regard for you. It’s up to you to:

  • Make sure it suits your budget
  • You’re covered with the right type of home and car insurance that will benefit you when disaster strikes
  • Consider if you also have the capital to perform maintenance on your new asset

Discuss this with mentors or older relatives before you commit; don’t be forced into a decision by a passionate salesman.

You and Your Mental Health

It’s a reality that more and more people are publicly admitting their challenges with mental health.  Let’s be clear: this is nothing to be ashamed of. Whether it’s brought on by chemical imbalances or trauma, it’s something you shouldn’t feel apprehensive about discussing with others. 

Here’s the lesson you need to learn today, so the situation isn’t amplified somewhere in future: if you realize you’re not coping, ask for help. Whether from friends or professionals, mental health should not be ignored. 

When Failure Comes Along

As stated, even with a lot of planning and wise decision making, you never know what will cross your path. In some cases, you may experience disappointments in your career, a relationship or other scenarios. 

Some may call this failure, but instead of feeling embarrassed you can opt to call this a learning curve and obtaining life skills.   Will you become tense about how others will view your situation? Or will you decide today to embrace struggles as chances to become wiser?

It’s all about perspective!

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