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Choosing between an SUV and Minivan

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For those of you in the market for a new vehicle might be thinking about choosing between an SUV and Minivan.  Deciding to upgrade and get a big car for your family is an important step. However, do you choose an SUV or a minivan? There are plenty of advantages to both and either could fit into your family perfectly. Here are some of the things you should consider if you are stuck between an SUV and a minivan.

Choosing between an SUV and Minivan

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SUVs Look Nicer

This might not be a massive concern of yours but SUVs tend to have a better overall image than minivans. If you want a car that stands out in the parking lot then a trendy SUV is always going to serve you much better than a minivan.

Minivans unfortunately have the reputation of being uncool. They are thought to be the car of the soccer mom and this can make them unappealing to some. However, they can be just as good as cars like SUVs in other circumstances.

Minivans Have More Space

While SUVs are extremely spacious cars, they cannot compare to a minivan. Most SUVs have an optional row of fold-up seating in the trunk. However, these tend to be quite cramped and might not be the best for a long car journey. Meanwhile, a minivan will often have a fixed middle row that is far more spacious than in an SUV plus they may also have a fixed seat in the trunk.

This is all on top of the added storage you can get in a minivan. If you are a family who loves to get away on a road trip, you need a car that can pack all of your luggage and equipment in and still leave room for passengers. SUVs simply don’t have the same sort of capacity. On top of this, the sliding doors of the minivan are far more convenient for tight spaces like parking lots. You might find maneuvering a minivan much easier than an SUV.

Does Location Have an Impact?

The location of your home might make a big difference in which vehicle you decide to choose. A more mountainous area or living remotely might call for an SUV. These are designed to deal with difficult terrain so you will know that they can handle anything you might throw at them. If bad weather is a serious concern of yours, you might need an SUV to help you get around your local area.

On the other hand, you might prefer a minivan if you live in a more built-up urban area. If you have children who are always running between activities with a group of friends, a minivan might be the perfect tool to help them get around. If you are happy to be the parent who acts as a taxi, this is going to be the best option for you.

Making the choice between an SUV and a minivan is one that you alone can make. There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to both. Ultimately, you need to decide which vehicle is going to be a better blend with your lifestyle overall.

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