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Celebrities with the hottest vehicles of 2014

Your car says a lot about you, and for a celebrity – where the gaze of the public and a waiting photographer or smartphone owner is never far away – it might a part of the overall package that is ‘you’. Stars around the world, whether they drive a Maserati in Monaco or a Mitsubishi in Middlesbrough, are usually only too happy to park in front of the cameras.

Stars and Their Cars

Famous figures do not have to worry about costs of their vehicle, spending the necessary costs to make the car their own. Some don’t even stop at one; for example, world champion Floyd Mayweather isn’t known as ‘Money’ for his savings technique, and recently posted a twitter picture of a cavalcade of hot cars outside including at least three Bugatti Veyrons – worth around $3m each.
Mayweather isn’t the only celeb to satisfy his Veyron vice. Arnie was spotted  driving one recently, a real contrast to his huge Unimog U1300 which is up for sale. Simon Cowell also doesn’t tighten his belt when it comes to fast cars, complementing his Veyron, Ferraris and Bentleys with several other high-powered beasts including a reputed £650,000 on a Jaguar E-Type recreation earlier this year according to MSN. The next generation of Veyrons are due for 2017 – and no doubt celebs will be clamouring to get their mitts on the steering wheel.
Kim Kardashian’s roll call of cars also reads like a petrolhead’s dream. She’s been spotted in a Ferrari 458 Italia, several customised Rolls Royce cars, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Porsches and Range Rovers. We don’t know whether the motors to die for are Kim’s or her hubbies, or even whether she’s just borrowed them for a weekend – but we know they’re nice.
That’s certainly in comparison to fellow celebrities who have taken classy original automobiles and changed them in hideous ways. Hulk Hogan’s 24-inch pythons are needed to power a personalised red and yellow Dodge Viper which divides opinion, while Paris Hilton’s Barbie pink Bentley is clearly the stuff of nightmares. But we can’t be too hard on her, as she’s also recently acquired one of the first stunning 650s McLaren Spiders in the US. She can regularly be seen touring Beverly Hills in the black monster, with her little Pomeranian dog, Mr Amazing, in tow.
Some celebs go for quirky rather than outright power, such as Britney Spears. You’d expect the petite beauty to perhaps take a coupe such as a little Audi, Lotus or Ferrari – but instead her car of choice is a hulking 5.5 litre supercharged Mercedes Benz G55. She’s also driving a smart car and Mini, among others. Other confirmed fans of the mini include Elijah Wood, Geri Halliwell, Jimmy Fallon and Goldie Hawn.
One final question needs answering: where do you put your fleet of cars as a celebrity? In the case of Beyonce and Jay-Z the answer might be an eye-watering $85m mansion that they’re considering in California, according to the New York Daily News. It boasts a ‘candy room’, 15 bathrooms and views of Los Angeles, but also a 16-car garage – ideal for their fleet of Mercedes Maybachs, Jeep Wranglers and Bugattis. That’s how to park in style.
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