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Looking After Yourself and Getting Healthy

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Getting healthy.  Easier said than done, right.  Truth is, as a human being, it’s your responsibility to look after yourself and keep yourself fit and healthy. Some people think that this is a hard task, however, it doesn’t need to be if you tackle it with small lifestyle choices. Often, peoples health fall short because they’re uneducated and think that it is more difficult than it actually is. Yes, if you have let yourself slip quite far and have things like poor fitness levels or are overweight it requires a little effort to get back to being healthy but once you are there you will never look back.

getting healthy

Being healthy should be a part of everyday life, and it can be easy to achieve this. It’s all the small details that add up to one big change in your lifestyle, so start by changing one thing at a time. Most people worry about their health and think about ways to keep fit. It’s always something that crops up and that’s because there are a fair few factors that contribute to being ultimately healthy. 

This quick guide will highlight some of the areas you need to focus on in order to look after yourself and get healthy: 

Quit Bad Habits 

getting healthy

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Bad habits are one of the main causes of people being unhealthy and unfit. And, although you don’t need to give up everything, there are definitely a few things that should be minimized or cut out completely. You need to really consider cutting out things like unprotected sex, recreational drugs and smoking. They can all lead to serious health conditions in the future and sometimes even fatalities. Other habits such as drinking need to be monitored. It’s fine to have a nice drink every now and again but it should only be on occasion, not regular and you should ideally stick within the guided limits. Something that people don’t tend to think of as a habit is eating junk food. Junk food is one of the leading causes of obesity, eating too much of it is frankly bad for you and should be avoided. You need to ideally limit yourself to a treat once a month and eat healthy the rest of the week If you are going to eat junk, make sure you put in the extra effort with exercise to counteract the indulgent. Caffeine is another thing that isn’t seen as a habit, however, if you find that you can’t function properly in the morning without your tea or coffee then, it’s likely that you have become reliant on it. 

Fix Your Aging Dilemmas

Getting older, is for many people, a source of anxiety. But as we get older there can be certain issues that creep up on us. While we can fix certain bad habits, we may think that the rest of the issues we have are associated with getting older. But when we start to suffer from aches and pains, rather than thinking it’s naturally a part of getting older, we should take the opportunity to fix these problems before they get worse. Pain is one of those things that can stem from a bad diet but it could also be a signpost of a major condition. You can purchase CBD oil or tested creams to help with this (you can find a tested product on this list) but you can fix the problems associated with aging by a handful of healthy habits. Getting older isn’t getting worse, in fact, you can age like a fine wine. 

Keep On Top Of Your Check-Ups 

If you’re not already doing it, you should always keep up to date with your regular checkups. Whether it’s the dentist, your Ear Nose and Throat Doctor, the opticians or your annual hearing test, it’s vital for your health to keep things monitored.  If you’re not going regularly you need to, at least, make sure you check any concerns seen to as a matter of urgency. You know your body the best, so, if you’re ever worried you should always seek help. A few things to keep your eye out for include any changes to your hearing, changes to your vision, any differences to skin or moles and your weight. Dependent on your gender, you also need to keep up to date with things like cervical screenings and prostate exams. 

You Need To Focus On Exercise 

However much you want to avoid it, you can’t. Exercise is one of the key things that means you can live a healthy lifestyle. Now, you don’t need to be as fit as someone who going to run a marathon or be able to climb Mt.Everest but you do need to be fit enough to raise your heart rate into what’s known as the ‘fat-burning’ zone. Simply going for a short walk, making the effort to be active on your break at work and choosing to do housework instead of watching tv are all viable ways to introduce more activity into your life. Activities that include cardiovascular exercise will strengthen the heart and lungs and strength training will help to strengthen your muscles. Remember to always stretch before any exercise routines, this minimizes the risk of injury and also helps to increase your flexibility. On top of all of this, exercise is a great way to help depression and anxiety as it’s a natural release of good endorphins. 

Sleep Is Important 

You need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. It’s recommended that you get between seven and nine hours as an adult, many people are just not doing this. They either get a lack of sleep or too much. If you don’t have a good sleep routine and regularly over or under sleep then you could be causing problems for your body. Having continuous lack of sleep can wreak havoc with your metabolism, concentration, memory, mood, general motor skills, stress levels, immune system and hormones. Sleep is the time that our body heals, rejuvenates and repairs itself, however, too much sleep can be equally damaging. Too much sleep actually leads to you feeling more tired, fatigued and not to mention the fact that your body clock doesn’t know what it’s doing, this can cause obesity and other health concerns.

Your Diet 

getting healthy

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Everyone knows that what you eat has an effect on your body and health but not everyone realizes just how important it actually is. You need to ensure that you are eating right for your body type, your activity levels and that you are eating a well-balanced diet. This means you need to eat fruits, vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, healthy carbs and, dairy. Eating wrong for your body could lead to excess weight gain and added health problems so it’s definitely worth doing some research on what is best suited to you, whether you need to eat gluten-free, are vegetarian, are vegan or need to for diabetes. When eating you should try to recognize when you are full, stopping before you eat everything on your plate and eating slower can help you to do this. When snacking, don’t reach for sugary or fatty snacks aim to eat nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables instead. You should also try to avoid processed foods and foods that contain sweeteners, or at minimize it as much as possible. 


Start Your Day Off Right 

It’s definitely not a hidden secret that breakfast is one of your most important meals of the day, there’s a good reason that this is common knowledge and that’s because it’s true. You should always start your day off right and eat a healthy breakfast, it will kick start your metabolism and give you the energy that you need in order to get started with the day’s tasks, it will also help to stop you from picking or being tempted by the office snacks before lunchtime. If you want to keep your body in check and work to the best of your ability, don’t skip this important meal. Even if it means grabbing something on the go, it is imperative for a healthy lifestyle to start your day as you mean to go on. If you eat a well-balanced diet you are helping to keep your blood sugars stable which also helps you to not overindulge at other meals and prevent weight gain. 

Don’t Forget Your Water 

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Our body uses water through the day and night so it’s essential that you keep it topped up. Most foods and drinks will contain some water but there is nothing better than drinking the pure stuff. It’s by far the healthiest drink that you can choose and once you get into a good routine with it you will start to see the benefits. People who drink the right amount of water tend to have clearer skin, look younger, have better metabolisms, are slimmer and have more energy. Water acts as a natural cleaner and you should definitely utilize its power. 

Look After Your Stress Levels

Although it’s definitely easier said than done, keeping your stress levels low will help you to live a healthier lifestyle. Stress causes many problems for our bodies, from digestive problems right through to cardiovascular problems. It’s not a surprise that stress is bad for you, this is why there is so much help available if you ever feel as though it’s unmanageable and you can’t seem to feel better it’s best to seek medical, professional help. Exercise, hobbies you enjoy, spirituality, yoga, being in nature and meditation are all proven ways to help keep your stress levels to a minimum. If you can, avoid working yourself too hard and allow yourself to take a break once in a while. 

This short guide should help you to instill a healthy lifestyle to your routine. It will get you on track with your fitness levels, stress levels and overall health. Do you focus on living a healthy lifestyle? Could you share some of the tips that work for you in the comments section below?

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