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Types of Men’s Underwear

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Do you know how many types of men’s underwear there is available?  Male underwear just like female underwear comes in different designs and styles with each male having their own preferences. Some of these underwear types can be suitable under particular clothing or occasions. It is important that the material of the underwear is breathable and the elastic band comfortable – not too tight or too loose either. 

Some of the male undergarment includes briefs, trunks, thongs, G-strings, and jockstraps and they can be found in men underwear online stores plus they come in different sizes as well. When making any purchase, the buyer will be asked to specify a fitting size which is important because the underwear cannot be returned once the purchase has been made. Underwear sets sometimes make the best gifts too and guys love it when surprised with a couple of them.

Boxer briefs

Man in underwear closeup in wardrobe thinking about what to put onBoxer briefs otherwise known as tight boxers are a kind of men’s undergarment that has long legs like those of boxer shorts, but they have a tighter fitting.


This undergarment type is smaller and more tight-fitting than the men’s boxer briefs. Men’s underwear online stores always have different designs, colors, fabrics, and styles that can be suitable for every man.


Briefs are a kind of short, taut underwear and swimwear, as compared to styles where the material goes right down to the legs. 


Bikinis are worn by both men and women and are always referred to as bikini underwear. They have a similar size and tend to reveal the lower body when worn. The male bikini undergarment is smaller, and it is more tight-fitting when compared to briefs. 


When having a front view of the thong, it naturally looks like the bottom of a bikini but they are created to conceal the genitals, pubic hair, anus, and perineum, but they leave part or a majority of the buttocks exposed.

Thong undergarment back parts usually have a thin waistband and a thin band of material that is created to be worn between the buttocks and it links the middle part of the waistband with the bottom front part of the clothing.


A G-string is a kind of underwear that falls under the thong or swimsuit category. It could be a thin piece of cloth, leather, or plastic that shields or protects the genitals. It usually goes through the buttocks and is connected to a band just around the hips and it can be worn as swimwear or underwear.


A jockstrap is made up of a waistband (often elastic) with a support pocket for the genitalia and as well two elastic straps attached to the bottom of the pouch, and equally to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip section.

The pocket, in some variations, maybe close-fitted with a pocket to make it fit perfectly to cover the testicles or the penis from any harm like a penile fissure. The fashionable jockstraps have the design of sports model, but they come in different colors and fabrics.

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