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How to Style Winter Boots for Women

how to style winter boots

Today we want to provide some great tips on how to style winter boots for women. As winter approaches, women everywhere are looking for ways to stay fashionable and warm at the same time. Winter boots are a must-have for any woman’s closet, but knowing how to style them can be a challenge. Never fear! This article will offer advice on how to style winter boots for women in fun and fashionable ways.

1. Pick the Right Colour and Material

When it comes to choosing colours, there are plenty of options. For a casual look, select chunky white snow boots with faux fur lining and laces. For something more fashionable, try a pair of black leather ankle-length boots with buckles or straps for added style points. Whatever colour you choose will help set the tone for your outfit.

The material of your winter boot is just as important as its colour. Leather and faux leather are great choices if you want something that will keep your feet warm in cold weather and last through multiple winters.

2. Pick the Right Type of Jeans

Dark-wash denim jeans are a great choice for any winter boot style, as the dark colour creates a complementary tone that pairs well with most colours of boots. Slim fit or skinny jeans can be a particularly flattering choice for more fitted styles of ankle boots, as these create a streamlined silhouette that will draw attention to your footwear. For taller boots, try pairing them with straight leg or boyfriend jeans for an edgy streetwear vibe.

3. Incorporate Textures

how to style winter boots

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Winter boots for women provide the perfect opportunity to incorporate trendy textures into your look. Utilizing different fabrics and materials can add dimension and depth to an ensemble; making you look fashionable and pulled together on even the coldest days.

Leather is a classic winter staple that will never go out of style, but there are other options too! Fur-lined ankle boots are cosy yet chic, while chunky treaded styles with shearling lining create an urban edge. Adding accessories like bejewelled buckles or decorative laces can really take your winter boots up a notch! If you want something more subtle, suede or velvet styles bring texture without being too over-the-top.

4. Leggings

Leggings are a great base for creating an outfit around winter boots as they provide warmth, coverage and style. To start, choose leggings in a neutral colour so they blend in with the rest of your ensemble.

Pick out wool or synthetic materials which are designed to retain heat while providing breathability. From there, select the boot that best suits your style. Ankle-length boots are perfect for casual outfits while knee-highs are better suited for more dressy looks.

5. Try Different Ways of Lacing Up Your Winter Boots

One of the best ways to add some personal flair to your winter look is by trying different ways of lacing up your winter boots. Whether you opt for a classic criss-cross pattern or something more creative, laces offer a great way to easily change up your style without having to invest in an entirely new pair of shoes.

For traditionalists, lacing up with a criss-cross pattern will give you the most secure fit and is also the most recognizable design.

6. Accessorize With Winter Scarves and Hats

To make a bold statement, accessorizing your winter boots with scarves and hats is key. Scarves are great for adding an extra layer of warmth and can range from lightweight fabrics to chunky knits. Opt for a classic plaid scarf or one in a solid colour that complements your outfit. Another essential item is the hat; choose one that fits snugly on your head such as a beanie or fedora.

7. Pair your winter boots with a dress or skirt

how to style winter boots

Photo by jasmin chew on Pexels

A dress or skirt is a great way to show off your winter boots. This look is subtle yet stylish, combining the warmth and comfort of winter boots with the femininity of a dress or skirt for an overall beautiful effect.

When styling this look, it is important to consider how the length of your skirt or dress will work with your choice in boots. A knee-length dress or skirt works best when paired with higher ankle boots to avoid too much bulk at the bottom half of the outfit; whereas a mini skirt would go well with some classic low-cut winter booties.

If you’re looking for a fashionable and fun look for your next night out, consider pairing Dream Pairs snow boots with a dress or skirt. These stylish winter boots are designed to keep your feet warm and dry in cold weather, while also providing comfort and style. With the right outfit combination, these versatile shoes can be dressed up or down in order to fit any occasion

8. Match the boots to a coloured item in your outfit

The key to styling winter boots is finding the right colour combination. If you have black booties, for example, try pairing them with dark colours such as navy or grey. To add a pop of colour, choose an item in your outfit that closely matches the shade of the boot – if you have red ankle boots, then wear a burgundy scarf and gloves for an eye-catching look.


Winter boots for women can easily become a stylish part of your winter wardrobe. By taking into consideration the outfit, climate, and occasion, you can ensure that you look great no matter where you’re headed. Add accessories such as belts and scarves to enhance your look, or choose a unique style of boot such as animal print to stand out from the crowd. Lastly, don’t forget comfort; if your boots are uncomfortable, it won’t matter how stylish they are!

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