Djinn & Tonic Takes Us on a Dreamy Ride with Electro Exotica

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On April 1, Djinn & Tonic presents his debut album, Electro Exotica, available now on all streaming platforms. The album consists of twelve unique tracks which include previously released tracks “Oasis Sous Les Étoiles” and “Belo Horizonte.” These tracks will take you on a musical journey. While experimenting and trying to figure out how to write electronic music, Djinn & Tonic was able to hone in and create songs that he loved. Electro Exotica is also inspired by video games, movies, and TV shows. This is what Erich has to say about Electro Exotica

“I hope the journey of this album cascades magic and imagination into your life and adventures.”  – Erich Beckmann (Djinn & Tonic)

Djinn & Tonic is here to take you to untraveled and dreamy worlds with their imaginative music. Inspired by Vintage Pulp Comics, Exotica, and the fantastical world Classic Hollywood brought us, the San Diego-based artist (Erich Beckmann) blends Electronic Dance and Pop with folk instruments, funky bass lines, and the whimsy of instruments and sounds less traveled. Djinn & Tonic is inspired by French Electro-Pop, 60s-Exotica, Golden Era Hollywood movie scores, classic video game scores, and otherworldly scenescapes. Beckmann, also known for playing drums in the geek-pop band, Kirby’s Dream Band, sets out to take his listeners into worlds of obscure and unknown. 

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