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Why You Should Check Out Wayfair’s Pop-Up Shops

We’ve been seriously pampered with the internet.  You have the entire world at your fingertips and everything from a new Tesla car to an entire living room furniture set can be purchased at the tap of a finger.  But is this always a good thing?  How fluffy is that pillow? How much sink does that couch cushion have? Is that armchair big enough for a cuddle session? Just how soft is soft when it comes to those sheets?

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Wayfair has made online furniture and home decor shopping delightfully easy, with tons of photos and user reviews to help you make informed decisions about furnishing your home without having to leave the couch (or lawn chair, if you’re shopping for a couch!)  But there’s still something to be said for seeing, touching, and feeling things in person, especially when it comes to big ticket items like furniture. Many online retailers are investing in brick-and-mortar experiences to engage and learn from their target customers and now Wayfair is one of them.

There is an endless number of questions you might have when buying something online, and now there’s an answer: Wayfair’s pop-up shops!

What Are Wayfair’s Pop-Up Shops?

Wayfair launched their new pop-up shop concept as of late 2018 in time for the holiday season. Their pilot was in two locations, Massachusetts and New Jersey, and drew tons of media attention.

The concept: each pop-up was comprised of “rooms” that were fully decorated with Wayfair furniture and accessories so customers could see things in person. Seeing how furniture and accessories pair and combine with each other is something customers had a need for, as this can be very hard to visualize online.

You’ll also find a home improvement “how-to” station if you’re keen on custom fabrics, or you’re in the middle of a home renovation and need some help with the design.  Wayfair’s pop-up store concept is not only a test to see if the brand wants to experiment with permanent locations, but it’s also a chance for the brand to see what resonates with their customers.  As a customer, the pop-up is a chance to experience a brand you love in real life, and give feedback directly to staff members about what you’d like to see in the future. You can also ask questions and get special discounts.

It gives the opportunity for person-to-person design advice and to experience a small part of a brand with such an enormous online assortment.  What Wayfair learns from your experience at the pop-up will inform how they plan to aim marketing materials and will create an easier online shopping experience for you in the future.  A lot is at stake for an online furniture retailer delving into the physical retail space, and the opportunity to engage directly with the customers and get out from behind the computer screen has been proven to increase customer engagement.

What Can I Expect to Find at a Wayfair Pop-Up?

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You can expect to find a curated brand experience with expertly chosen furniture and decor at any of Wayfair’s pop-ups.  You won’t be able to purchase directly from these pop-ups yet: they’re only 400 square feet and are meant to be more of an inspirational show-room.

However, if you totally fall in love with something there, do not fret. With at least a half-dozen Wayfair staff present at the pop-ups at all times, there’s always someone there who can help you seamlessly order an item to your home address for you.  You can also purchase Wayfair gift cards at the pop-ups if you see something you’d like to gift.

Each of the concept rooms is designed by a Wayfair stylist to help give you ideas and inspiration for how to style your own home within your budget.  You can also find numerous resources for design help and tips. For anyone who has ever tried to pick out a sofa fabric on a computer screen knows, it’s a total gamble what you’re going to end up with. With over 100 fabric swatches available for you to check out in person, you’ll know exactly what you like for future furniture purchases.

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You’ll also find an assortment of outdoor entertaining essentials as the summer season gets into full swing. Wayfair has tons of options for outdoor furniture and accessories so you can maybe finally throw that killer outdoor garden party?  If you can’t make it to a local Wayfair pop-up or missed your chance, shop the entire catalog online with these Wayfair coupon codes!

Why You Should Visit a Wayfair Pop-Up

Even if you don’t have the chance to purchase something directly at Wayfair’s pop-up shops, visiting your favorite online-only retailer in a physical location can be immensely helpful to inform your future purchases.  First, you’ll have a better sense for the dimensions, colors, wood tones, and textures of large furniture items. You can gauge the quality and overall style of smaller decorative accessories and feel the texture of towels and bedding.

You’ll also be able to engage with Wayfair staff members and ask questions that you would otherwise have trouble finding online.  Additionally, you’ll find tons of resources for design help that you can utilize when you’re finally ready to revamp or redecorate your space.  So, what are you waiting for? Keep an eye out for the next Wayfair pop-up store in your area.

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