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Latest Home Décor Trends to Refresh Your Style

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Today we want to share the latest home décor trends to refresh your style. In coronavirus lockdown makes us realize that working from home is dependent on the environment because it can affect our productivity. The benefit of working from home is you can redecorate your own house to refresh your style. Having an office at home can be a burden for you because the ambience is not for actual working space. It is good for you to redecorating your home, especially your space to work. You can start by changing your curtain with a new style and new material curtain such as linen curtains or maybe upgrade your home appliances, adding new furniture, and choose the new minimalistic theme.

Few things you should pay attention to when creating a home office’s decoration are the color, the light, the coziness, the noise can make the difference without spending a lot of money on a home office renovation.

Choose Linen Curtain

Natural light is important to gain the cheap working space renovation. If it is too bright, you can use a linen curtain as a sunlight filter because it can be an excellent light without the harshness of direct sunlight. Use the muted neutral colour scheme such as the combination of The off white with stylish beige linen curtains, you can also add a subtle red accent in it.  The color combination in fact, can affect your productivity, concentration and creativity, hence it is  important to choose the calming and inspiring color. This is the example of color and the ambience that they can make, blue can make relaxing ambience, green is fresh, yellow is positive. The pattern also must be concerned with decorating the working space. Avoid the flower or leaf prints on your curtains because it can distract you from your task. You can choose solid color curtains to make the ambience not tense.

Linen curtain is suitable because it is durable, hence it can be cleaned and maintained easily. It needs lower maintenance than other curtain fabrics like silk and velvet. You can dry clean them when it is dirty or you just vacuum them with a brush attachment to keep dust away from the curtain.  

Home Appliances

Working from home makes you must find a way to balance office work time and family time. In order to work without any distraction from others, you need to find  the right gadgets that can help you to be more focused and professional, although working from home.

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One of the appliances you should have is Bluetooth Headsets with a good noise-cancelling. It can be useful for you to listen to important meetings while other family members are doing their activities. The other stuff that is also important is a laptop that can affect your work productivity, you need the one which can multitask without lagging and also has good battery life power. 

The most favorite booster for everyone is also important during work time. Coffee and also coffee mug warmers are necessary appliances to make you back to focus on your work. This will prevent coffee from losing the heat. Don’t forget to prepare your water bottle. 

Some people may like their room to always smell good. You can have a scented candle or maybe use a fragrance diffuser and choose your favorite scent. Plants also can bring natural scent to your room and also will be able to help you boost your mood. You can go with a small pot plant on your desk. 

You need a desk and comfortable chair with a cushion to complete your working space. It’s important to pick the pair of them that will offer you posture control. So, it can prevent you from back pain because it keeps your posture straight.

New Painting and Furniture

You should choose the simple furniture that has to be matching with the color of the walls. The one thing you should consider before buying furniture is to look for quality and a simple yet elegant design.

Adding a Sun Room

This addition to your house may not apply to all. Depending on the location and type of weather you have in your place. But if you love to see the effects of sunlight, see it as a calming effect and have a beautiful glance at your outdoor space without minor or external annoyance outside. A sunroom will be a perfect option for your house; make sure you canvass it and run through a Florida room pricing (They use this term in southeastern America) to make it possible.

Minimalistic Theme

Most minimalist workspaces are the combination of grey and brown tints. The main characteristic of a minimalist workspace is how organized it looks. So, you need to declutter the thing that you don’t want in your working room.


Redecorating your home working space is an excellent option for you which are working from home in this pandemic. You can start with choosing a linen curtain, home appliances, new painting and furniture, and minimalistic themes.

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