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Everything You Need To Do for a Relaxing At-Home Spa Night

at home spa

Here are some great ideas and everything you need to do for a relaxing at home spa night. After a demanding workweek, the last thing you want to do is suffer through even more traffic to get a massage. But why go through all that trouble when you can enjoy a relaxing spa night at home? Pampering yourself not only eases up your tensed shoulders but also does wonders by alleviating stress. It is also a fun idea to invite over a couple of your girlfriends for a night in if you don’t feel like going out.

Here are some simple steps for preparing for an ultimate at-home spa night. 

Ambiance is Everything

at home spa

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There is an instant feeling of serenity as soon as you enter the spa. It’s all because of the ambiance. So dim the lights and get an aroma diffuser to set the mood. We would also recommend decluttering and tidying up your space a day before the spa night. Coming home to a clean and organized space will help you unwind.

Make a Soothing Playlist

Another important factor for creating a tranquil ambiance is playing soothing music. You can make a playlist with songs that make you feel calm and happy. If that feels like too much work, just search ‘Spa Music’ on Spotify or any other streaming platform to find a curated playlist.

Give Dry Brushing a Try

Dry Brushing is a technique that involves gently exfoliating your body using a firm-bristled brush. It not only removes dry skin and unclogs pores but also aids lymphatic drainage and improves circulation. 

Prepare a Bath

at home spa

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There are a few things in life as simple yet luxurious as soaking in a bath. Start running a bath slightly warmer than you prefer so that it doesn’t become cold by the time you get in. Light up a few candles and add a few drops of fragrance oils in the bath for the full experience. You can also pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine.

Do a Face & Hair Mask

In the everyday hustle and bustle of life, it’s difficult to take out time to apply masks. But since you are taking a bath, it’s a perfect opportunity to do face and hair masks. 

Arrange Your Beauty Products & Treatments

Once you’re done with face and hair masks, you should bring out all your best beauty products and treatments. First, take your makeup off and double cleanse your skin. Then move on to applying serum, moisturizer, eye creams, the whole shebang. Use a jade roller or any other tool to massage your face. 

Give Yourself Mani-Pedi

at home spa

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Even if you’re not remotely as talented as a professional nail tech, you can still give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Start by removing any existing nail polish. Next, start scrubbing, cleaning, trimming, and buffing. Then apply a base coat, followed by your favorite nail color, and finish with a topcoat. Don’t forget to moisturize your cuticles!

Change the Bedding

After cleaning and pampering your body head to toe, you don’t want to sleep on weeks-old sheets. The feeling of getting in bed with clean sheets is unmatched. In fact, studies have shown that 73% of people sleep better with fresh sheets. Therefore, you should change your bedding and enjoy a night of deep sleep. 

Get in Bed with a Book

You have spent so much time and energy getting into a peaceful headspace. So don’t put it all to waste by going on your phone and scrolling through social media. In fact, we suggest staying away from all devices, especially social media, for the night. Instead, pick up the book that’s been on your nightstand forever and turn in early.

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