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Fashionable Ski Wear 101: What to Wear on the Slopes for Men and Women

fashionable ski wear

In 2015, close to 54 million people went skiing, making it one of America’s popular pastimes.  Skiing can be incredibly fun, but if you’ve never been you may be wondering what you should wear.   Want to hit the slopes in style? This list of fashionable ski wear will have you looking fabulous as you fly by everyone else.


You can wear your sweaters underneath your jacket while skiing or afterwards at the lodge when you are relaxing for the night.  The L.L. Bean black turtleneck is perfect for skiing. It’s soft but also made of thick wool to keep you warm.

The Great Alpine Ski sweater is also a great addition to your wardrobe. This sweater gives off a vintage vibe with the bold lettering. Everyone will know that you really enjoy skiing when you wear this sweater.


A good jacket will be essential to keeping you warm while also being an important piece in your fashionable ski wear wardrobe.  A fur coat is a good compromise between fashion and warmth, and the one Blank Denim sells is one of the best.  Columbia also makes great jackets, and they are also waterproof which is great since you’re going to be in the snow all day.

Columbia’s insulated jacket will keep you warm and keep the water out, and there are also zippered pockets so you can still have your phone without worrying about snow damaging it.   If you are going with your husband or boyfriend, they may need a new wardrobe as well. Check out mens designer outerwear.


You can’t just wear a pair of jeans out to the slopes unless you want to freeze.  Instead, get a pair of Craft thermal layer leggings to keep you warm when you don’t have to wear ski pants.  A good pair of ski parents are also important though.   Columbia also has great, cheap ski pants that are still fashionable. They have a stretchy waistband, so they are easy to put on, and you can move easily with them. Like their jackets, these are waterproof. 

You could also buy a ski jumpsuit. The Perfect Moment has a “Tignes” jumpsuit that is also waterproof and breathable. The jumpsuit can stretch four ways, so it won’t feel tight or uncomfortable to wear.   Plus, it will keep you warm with its fleece lining. 


While you’re skiing, you will have to wear ski boots, but afterward, you want something that will be more comfortable and easier to walk in.  Arctic boots are some of the best snow boots. They’re water-resistant, lined with fur, and thick. These will make sure that your feet stay dry and warm!  North Face Shellista Mid-Boots are also a great option. They are easy to get on, will grip ice really well, and still leave you looking fashionable.  

Find Fashionable Ski Wear 

If you buy some of these fashionable ski wear options, you will have some of the most fashionable ski wear on the slope.   Everyone will be asking you where you got your jacket or your boots.  For more winter items to wear while you’re not skiing, check out this post.

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