5 Small Girl Power Businesses You Need To Know

In the past year, we’ve seen a significant boom in small businesses, from their presence on social media to their rapid growth, success, and incredible fan base. It just so happens that each business we have come across and tagged as a small shop to watch is also founded and run by kickass women. Shout out to us ladies! These inspiring women are all as creative, magical, and powerful as their beautiful brands, whether they craft tees with unifying statements or ones that just get our weirdness or sell decor pieces that we’ve dreamed about. We’ve rounded up five small girl power businesses that we cannot get enough of—including their Insta accounts. As one of our favorite brands from this list, Daisy Natives, says “Girls Support Girls.” So let’s get to shopping, following, and supporting, shall we? 


Oui Fresh

Founded by Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess, this colorful and delightful sister duo debuted their equally bright clothing and accessories brand, Oui Fresh, in 2016. Since its announcement, we’ve loved each playful piece made by them—from sassy tees to vibrant handbags perfect for any groovy gal.
Our Favorite Item: “The Babe With The Power” tee
Shop Oui Fresh here and here.

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