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How to Style A Denim Jacket

how to style a denim jacket

Did you ever want to know how to style a denim jacket?  If so, keep reading.  What are the classic men’s fashion items, those that simply do not go out of fashion? Jeans are an obvious choice, of course, and the simple, plain t-shirt another, but we think there’s one that you might have overlooked: the denim jacket. Available in a number of different styles and fits, and also in different colors, it’s something every man should have at least one of, but how do you wear it?

That depends entirely on your personal preference, but we think there are a few essential fashion tips that apply to denim jackets, and we’ve put them in this article for you. Remember, this is not a strict guide – you can wear your denim jacket how you want – but it should help you get the look right!

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Get the Right Fit

Fit is all-important when it comes to any fashion garment, but with the denim jacket there are a number of important considerations. The classic, loose denim jacket that will go perfectly with a pair of jeans is often the first choice, but we recommend you look around as there are different shapes that you can buy. In fact, a fitted – or partially fitted – denim jacket, one that feels snug and comfortable and finishes a touch short at the waist, is one of the most popular and versatile styles.


Choose Your Color

Denim jackets are blue, right? Well, it’s probably true that most of them are, but these days you can get different colors that look equally good. Black is a great choice – and a popular one – as it looks different, while a dark brown denim jacket might also appeal. If you can carry it off, a white denim jacket also looks great – pair it with your favorite skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt – but be aware it will get dirty easily! The choice of color will depend upon what you want to wear your denim jacket with, so consider that too. Overall, the most versatile are blue and black, so check them both out.

how to style a denim jacket

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Jeans or Trousers?

The great thing about a denim jacket, especially the traditional blue denim, is that it will look great with either jeans or trousers, especially if you pick the right color. There’s a certain style to wearing brightly colored trousers with a denim jacket, and if you check this website you’ll get some further ideas about how to be a bit different, but we suggest keeping to blue or black with your denim as it\s the best way, and you really can’t go wrong.

Shirts, Jumpers and T-shirts

Let’s be honest, there’s no more versatile outerwear than a simple, stylish denim jacket. It’s got to be one of the staple items in a wardrobe, and looks equally good with a shirt, a t-shirt or even with a jumper of sweater. What we will advise is that you keep the colours matching rather than directly contrasting, as a denim jacket is an understated item, and you want it to remain so.

What about Headgear?

If you’re someone who likes to wear a hat, you’re spot on with a denim jacket, no matter the type you prefer. Denim lends itself to being worn with everything from a beanie hat to a Stetson – remember it was the ranch hands who made denim popular originally – so you can simply pick and choose, and for some men, a hat is the final fashion statement in their armory.

Open or Closed?

There are some fashion items – your suit jacket, for example – for which you have set rules when it comes to buttons; for a denim jacket, there are none. The cool, summer look is to wear it loose and open with a t-shirt on display, but the winter nights mean buttoning it up is perfectly acceptable. One point to remember when you are choosing your denim jacket is to make sure you can do the buttons up, and comfortably – you’ll be surprised there are many where you can’t!

If you don’t already have a denim jacket, now is definitely the time to be looking at the options, so take on board the tips above, and start shopping for one of the most usable, versatile items that you’ll ever buy.

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