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What you Should Know Before Shopping for a Vintage Bag

What you Should Know Before Shopping for a Vintage Bag

Today we want share tips on what you should know before shopping for a vintage bag. Having a vintage bag can be the ultimate fashion statement. Not only does it go against the trend of modern fashion and make the wearer stand out, it can also be a good way to pick up an offering from a great designer for a cut price. Because the bags have to be at least 20 years old to be considered vintage, though, they have often become a bit worn down. So, when shopping for a classic offering from Hermes or Louis Vuitton, it is important to be aware that they may need a bit of fixing up.


Check its Authenticity

The main reason to buy a vintage bag is for the label, and you should be aiming to get iconic products from yesteryear made by the world’s most famous designers. This does mean that there is a lot of due diligence required when buying, especially if this is from an individual online rather than an established business. You need to be able to check the bag’s authenticity and make sure you aren’t paying an arm and a leg for an imitation bag.

According to Jacquelyne Cortel, the U.S authentication lead at Vestiaire, the first thing to do is look at the overall shape of the bag, assessing each side of it. You can take a tape measure to it and make sure the dimensions are correct. You can also examine the leather and quilting. For instance, Chanel bags are known to be extremely soft to the touch.

Scrutinizing the logo is also a good way to ensure the bag is from a reputable designer. It would help to get a magnifying glass and compare the font details to other official products from the designer. You can look for the serial number, examine the interior, and ensure the correct holograms are on the authenticity cards as well.


You May Have a Fixer-Upper

Fixing parts of the hardware can be a key aspect of the vintage bag buying business. Indeed, some shoppers choose to get slightly worn items because they can pick them up at a cheaper rate. If you go down this route, it is important to know what you’re doing.

Using the correct equipment to fix things is crucial. Even if the leather is slightly worn, it can be fixed with a special adhesive from Pattex. It can be used with most materials and is known for its long tack time which makes it perfect for repairing bags. Other parts, such as buttons and zips may also need fixing or replacing but it is recommended that this is done professionally due to the specialized equipment required.

Shopping for a vintage bag can be an enjoyable experience in itself, as detailed on Harper’s Bazaar. If you choose to collect them, you may also prefer restoring them in order to get cheaper deals. To make sure you repair them in the right way, watch some videos first and use the best materials.

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