Why We Love Chiara Ferragni

If you happen to check your Instagram account almost too frequently like I do, Chiara (pronounced as Kiara) Ferragni is too much of a familiar face. At 27, the “beautiful blonde blogger” has millions of followers on social media, runs a successful fashion blog called The Blonde Salad, collaborates with major fashion designers and has landed as a cover girl to magazines. Certainly, women all over would go loco over her world.

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Apart from being a cover to numerous fashion magazines (Lucky, Vogue Spain, In Style to name a few), Her blog has been chosen as a case study for the prestigious Harvard Business School. No big deal? According to, the MBA students of Luxury Marketing have studied Stella McCartney’s fashion line and Jimmy Choo’s too. To be alongside these designers, Chiara truly is making it big.

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With her recently published style book and

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famous new shoe collection, tell me, what else can’t Chiara Ferragni do?
Once a name, now Chiara is someone we will always remember.
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– by Alve Aranton

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