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Entourage Review

Vinny, E, Drama, and Turtle made their epic return on the big screen this past weekend with the premiere of Entourage the movie.  After eight seasons, Entourage has transformed into a cult classic series. These characters, who epitomize the rags to riches American dream, have become integrated into pop culture history, and are beloved by millions of people. With that, of course, came high expectations and a ton of pressure put on the film, which took nearly four years to make.  Admittedly, the movie feels more like binge-watching an entire season rather than a movie – but that doesn’t mean it’s not epic.
The film picks up just days after the series conclusion; Ari and Mrs. Ari are in Italy, Vinny is dealing with the end of his nine day matrimony, pizza-boy (Eric) and pregnant Sloan are “off” again, and Turtle and Drama are working to pick up girls. After the recap, the story jumps forward nine months as Vincent Chase is working to finish his 100 million dollar budget film – which he is directing.
Without giving too many spoilers away, I will say that as a long-time fan of the show, I was thrilled with how it turned out.  Luckily, the people behind the movie decided to keep the steady-cam style of filming for the movie, which was essential to the heart of the show.  There was plenty of banter between the cast that makes you feel as if they truly have been friends since childhood. There are tons of call backs to the series including an extremely satisfying “Victory!” call from a moment that will bring any of Drama’s loyal fans to tears. On top of that, there are tons of celebrity cameos  as well as the inclusion of smaller characters from the series such as manic director Billy Walsh and “almost Mrs. Ari” Dana Gordon.  Jeremy-Piven-Ari-Gold-Rex-Lee-Lloyd-Lee-Entourage-season
Unsurprisingly though the real star of this movie comes in the form of rage-driven, agent turned studio head, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). Ari is without a doubt one of the most unique, politically incorrect, and emotionally complicated characters ever to be written. As usual, the things that come out of his mouth will shock you into an uncomfortable giggle but, if we’re all honest with ourselves, we wouldn’t change anything about him. The King of The F-Bomb is in rare and ruthless form for the duration of the movie as he works to prove to Hollywood that he is as God-like as he wants them to believe – which ultimately ends up showcasing his human-side and immense sense of loyalty.
So even though this isn’t an exceptionally thought provoking movie it is the perfect and fun movie to help kick off your Summer.

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