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10 Lazy Summer Girl Beauty Tips

Have no fear girls, you can still look fabulous with minimal make-up, or simply use these quick and easy beauty tips to look great all summer long.
1. Sunglasses & Floppy Hat
Sunglasses are a fashionably great way of protecting your eyes from the sun. But why stop there? Complement those shades with a floppy hat, and you’ll be protecting your head and shoulders while looking classy.
2. Primer
Most primers on the market contain silicone. Silicone is an ingredient that is very good to have in your primer to maintain your makeup application. Come rain or shine, it will prolong your application throughout the day, but remember to prevent your makeup from separating.  To avoid having to touch it up, follow these rules:

  • Don’t apply your makeup with your fingers. The oil on your hands can cause your makeup to separate. Apply your makeup with a foundation brush instead. You can use the same foundation that you have used to apply your primer with your foundation, usually a BB Cream ends up being your friend during this season.
  • Silicone and water do not mix. So, make sure your primer matches your makeup ingredients. Since you are using a silicone based primer, make sure your makeup is silicone based, as well.

Once primer has been applied, apply your BB Cream – light foundation is all you need in the summer. Follow it with blush and gloss, and if you prefer, add eye liner and mascara as a finishing touch.
3. Shave Smartly
If you are anything like us, then all of those steps to shave is just too much. Shave some time of this tedious endeavor by using a shaver that has built-in shave bars and moisturizer, like a Gillette Venus Razor.  You’re legs will feel smooth and look great, because of these added features.
4. Wax it Off
If shaving isn’t your thing, then go to a spa and wax it off professionally, or opt for an inexpensive lotion removing formula.  It removes hair just as competently as having it removed by a pro.
5. Start Drying Immediately
As soon as you exit from your shower, take an extra towel and use it for your hair.  With your head flipped upside down, press the towel onto your hair.  The towel will absorb excess moisture, and help speed up the drying process. Once completed, use a tail comb to comb your hair. Combing your strands will help your hair dry much quicker.
6. Spray Tan Protection
Ladies, whether you are using an at home self-tanner or getting your faux tan at the tanning salon, it is essential to moisturize the skin, not only to maintain your tan, but also to prevent your skin from drying, as tanning causes dry skin. This will prolong your tan.
7. Moisturizing Socks
Summer is the season to delve your feet into sandals and flip flops, which means your feet will not be happy (and dry). Unhappy feet equals painful feet, so let’s make the feet happy by having them moisturized, and not stripped of good skin. Wear moisture socks at night as you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, be prepared to say hello to moisturized (and happy) feet.
8. Sunscreen or Coconut Milk/Oil
Coconut Milk or coconut oil is actually more efficient than sunscreen, and all natural alternative to wearing sunscreen. Sure, a broad spectrum SPF will protect you against the UVA, which causes aging and skin cancer, along with UVB, which causes the skin to burn. True, coconut oil/milk is better than a regular SPF, as well as a broad spectrum due to the fact that coconut oil/milk moisturizes the skin, in addition to protecting it from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Yes to Coconuts Polishing Body Scrub



9. Exfoliate
Exfoliating removes dead skin, leaving skin silky smooth skin. This means no dry elbows or knees all year round. Dead skin that sits on top of skin cells that are trying to grow to its full capacity, is unable to due to dead skin preventing this from happening. Dead skin clogs pores causing the oil to be clogged, which results in ­­­­blemishes and acne to occur. Removing dead skin is also an excellent way to have younger looking skin, as it isn’t sitting in between fine lines. A body exfoliation that is excellent and smells tropical is Yes to Coconuts Polishing Body Scrub $7.99 and Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Scrub $50.
10. Body Wraps, Anyone?
A body wrap is an excellent way to rejuvenate your skin! Not only does it exfoliate, it delivers a cleanse, a mask, and a deep moisturize for the skin.  Schedule a body wrap that is designed for your needs to attain and maintain a healthy smooth skin.
Bonus Tip: Protect Your Hair
Leave-In Conditioner is excellent to protect your hair from sun damage, and from chlorine and salt water, too. A healthier alternative is coconut oil (isn’t it awesome?), which keeps both your skin and hair moisturized!
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