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In terms of a jewelry, I’m a big, big ring girl. Rings give attention to your hands. They make them look prettier, they bring an audience to the out-of-sight manicure you got with that Essie polish you love. Nevertheless, I’m not a bling-bling, huge diamond person. I like to keep my rings subtle, small, and significant. I like rings that make a statement and are dainty. This is where AUrate Jewelry comes in.
AUrate, founded in 2014, is high quality gold jewelry with a look all its own compared to its competition. With each product sold, someone is being helped in the world. An underprivileged child receives a book to read.
The look of the rings are nothing short of spectacular, with clean cut shapes and lines that are both a statement and minimalist fashionista’s dream. The use of stones is sincere, honest, and straight to the point. AUrate plays with classic ring silhouettes, like the snake ring that can make waves beautifully wrapped around a thumb or an index finger. These rings are wonderfully constructed and can be used in both day and nightwear, easily making it a staple in your jewelry box.
For more information of AUrate and their beautiful statement jewelry, visit and shop online at Happy shopping!
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