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House of Cards: Season 3

People couldn’t wait to get their House of Cards binge fix after last season’s cliffhanger. Thankfully, Netflix offers a recap for fans who need it before queuing the third season. The recently sworn in and “honorable” President, Francis Underwood, sits comfortably in his new seat, but soon encounters opposition from all fronts. After devastating all of his enemies in Season 2, one would think that he would have no issue dispatching anymore of them this season. Warning: spoilers ahead!


Ugh, totally.

However, that isn’t the case. First of all, Episode 1 starts off rather grim. Frank has one last person to piss off before moving forward with any new diabolical plans. He visits his father’s grave for the publicity, but does so privately. It’s a brief visit.

Someone’s got daddy issues.

Stamper’s not dead. He is discovered in the woods, and spends most of his time in a coma. After that he learns how to walk again. About half of the first episode is spent focusing on his recovery.

50 Shades of Nay

Claire is busy moving forward with her own plans. She knows Frank’s position of power isn’t guaranteed, and her ambition aims toward a run for office in the near future. Being First Lady has it’s perks, but it doesn’t offer the necessary experience to support a run for office. She needs more.

I do need MORE

There is an ominous tone throughout the episode. This is a clue, among many, that hints toward a rocky road for the Underwoods. Francis Underwood, the charismatic villain that he is, is bound to face many obstacles. The icy grip he had on things in the past will definitely be challenged during Season 3. I’ve only managed to watch three episodes, but by Episode 3 I felt the binge itch.  Episode 1 is a bit slow to start, but really takes off by the end. Happy Netflix binging!
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