Characteristics of the Best Sofa Reviews

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Today we want to talk about some of the great characteristics of the best sofa reviews.  Reading reviews has become a regular practice for those shopping for a big ticket item. It is so important that a lack of reviews for a product can prevent it from selling just as a mostly negative review profile would. But there may be hundreds of reviews for an item, and you don’t have time to read them all. What are the characteristics of the best sofa reviews? And which ones should you read?

the Best Sofa Reviews

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Actual Customers

Testimonials on a vendor website do not matter. They are easily faked, and they are often cherry picked from actual reviews. Unfortunately, a few unscrupulous vendors will seek fake five star reviews to inflate their rating. You can weed out some of these fake reviews on eCommerce sites by filtering out reviews that were not actual buyers. Another red flag is when there is a five star review but no text. That’s something a reputation management firm might post on the site so that the review isn’t necessarily a violation of the rules prohibiting fake reviews.

Detailed, Useful Information

The best sofa reviews contain detailed, useful information. They don’t just gush about how great the couch is, how cute it is in the living room or how nice the delivery people were. How well does the couch withstand wear and tear after several months of use?

You might find useful information in the reviews that the manufacturer didn’t include. For example, you might read about the tools people need to assemble it quickly, though the manufacturer says no tools are included. Or you may learn that the manufacturer doesn’t always include the washers and hand tools required to assemble it.

Valid Criticism

the Best Sofa Reviews

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You want to read the negative reviews of the couch before you put it on your short list for potential purchase. Criticisms can reveal the truth behind the marketing content. Is the couch a shade lighter or darker than the picture they saw online or in the ad? Is the color uneven? The advertising may not be false. Instead, the issue may be presentation. Manufacturers may describe the seats as smooth or plush, but the reality may be “slick” or “soft”.

A major concern is quality of manufacture. Is the couch easy to assemble, if you have to assemble it? Do the legs stay securely in the frame? Are the legs and arm rests even? A high quality couch is uncomfortable if one leg is significantly shorter than the others. A related issue is the accuracy of the reported dimensions. If you bought a six foot long couch that is actually six foot six inches when you take the arm rests into account, you have a problem if the space it was going to go in is six foot two.

How easy is the material to clean? And how does that compare to the promised cleanability? If the manufacturer says it resists stains but their new couch is covered in juice stains after a few weeks, you probably don’t want to buy it.

Older Reviews / Established Customer Reviews

Read reviews of long-time owners. It doesn’t matter if people are thrilled with how it looks when it arrives. Are the seats still comfortable after six months or more of wear and tear? How does the material hold up? Do the legs break when someone tries to move the one year old couch?

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