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Jordan Peele has done it again with Us! This is a horror film that leaves you wanting more from beginning to end. The music in it has a lot of throwbacks like NWA to even the Beach Boys.


When the movie first start out, Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) is a little girl vacationing with her parents on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Wandering away from her parents, she decides to go into the hall of mirrors, where she comes face to face with something in the reflection that is not normal. Cutting to her adult life, Adelaide is married to Gabe (Winston Duke) and has two kids Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph) and Jason (Evan Alex). The family decides to vacation at her parents old house and visit Santa Cruz Boardwalk. From the beginning of the vacation, Adelaide is skeptical about going back to the place she was terrified as a kid. Pause, let’s just talk about Winston Duke’s character, Gabe, who will make you laugh throughout the movie when serious moments approach. Back to the movie, as Adelaide, Gabe, and the kids try to enjoy their vacation, a family approach their house. The family who is in their driveway is a version of themselves who isn’t happy that they are living this picture perfect life and decide they want to take back everything that is theirs. Pay close attention to everything that Adelaide’s shadow tells the family because it makes sense later. The kids also play a big role in this movie when it comes to fighting back and knowing how to manipulate themselves.


There are a lot of twists and turns in the movie, especially when the audience thinks the family are just fighting themselves but there are also other people being killed. At the end, you begin to see the plan of this attack from the beginning to end as Adelaide’s evil self explains how she planned everything since the hall of mirrors. Also, wanted to highlight Lupita Nyong’o performance because it was phenomenal from the beginning to the end all while handcuffed. I would love to see Lupita in more horror movies in the future. And there is definitely a twist to her character at the end that makes you want to know more.


Us will have you holding your jacket over your face because of what happens next in every scene. You have to pay close attention to the movie because if you miss anything, you can get a little confused. Jordan Peele is definitely on to something big with the movies he has written, produced, and directed. I’m excited to see what movie he comes up with next. So, go watch Us, especially if you enjoy a good horror film.



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