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Easy Ways to add Rustic Charm to Your Home

Retro cabinet with potted plant near comfy bed

Today we want to share with you some easy ways to add rustic charm to your home. Rustic home design continues to be one of the leading interior design trends for 2021 as more people are gravitating towards a natural and lived-in look for their home. Not only is it warmer and more comfortable than the minimalist aesthetic that has been popular over recent years, but it’s also more child-friendly, and it allows you to use sustainable materials for your house. The rustic look can work for your existing décor, whether you prefer the clean aesthetic of Swedish design or love the warm and cozy look of American farmhouse or ranch décor. If you want to refresh your home, here are some easy ways to add rustic charm to your abode. 

Use natural materials and textures

add rustic charm to your home

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Ranch home builders typically use rustic elements such as wood, stone and bricks, as these are mainstays in traditional or rustic-style ranch homes. To get the same feel in your home, add exposed wooden beams on the ceiling, create a headboard for your bed using reclaimed or distressed wood, and add bricks to an accent wall for a farmhouse vibe. Try to maintain the natural look of these materials by leaving them unpainted, and if possible, choose pale to medium tone woods and natural bricks to stay true to the rustic aesthetic. 

Add rugs and fabrics with a little weight and texture

To instantly add a rustic vibe to your living room, try having a few throw pillows covered in natural white linen, plus two to three bigger pillows covered in a tan or cream chunky cable knit. Don’t forget to have a rug on the floor made of organic fibers, such as jute, sisal, or organic cotton. After that, hang soft burlap curtains in tan or cream on the windows to tie the whole look together. 

Add some plants

add rustic charm to your home

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No rustic home is complete without a few indoor plants. Have a few large plants such as rubber plants, Monstera deliciosa, or a sabre fig in your living spaces, and place them in natural wood, rattan or terra cotta containers. You may also have a few hanging plants hanging from a macrame plant hanger around your home, or have an indoor herb garden in your kitchen.

Decorate with vintage finds and baskets

Rustic design means including a few vintage elements in your home. Try adding a vintage farmhouse ladder chandelier in the dining area or a wagon wheel chandelier in the living room. You can also hang up distressed wood signs in the hallways and display some rattan or woven baskets throughout your home. These baskets can be used to contain knick knacks or toys, and it’s an inexpensive way to add a rustic chic vibe to your living spaces. 

Make your home feel more welcoming by giving it a dose of rustic charm. Try these ideas to makeover your house and give it a cozy, natural and comfy feel that’ll make you look forward to coming home every day.  

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