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Boho Chic Apartment Decor Essentials

Abstract color painting on white painted wall

Today we want to talk to you about Boho Chic Apartment Decor Essentials. Are you looking to spruce up your home in a bohemian chic style? Bohemian, from the French word bohème, refers to people who live an unconventional life, often in the company of other like-minded people with musical, artistic, and adventurous ambitions.

In regards to interior decor, this style helps you create a new attitude in life. It’s about having an eye for interesting and odd details. It’s not about aiming for perfection but more about creating a personal aura in your home. It is a lifestyle and a philosophy that radiates warmth and embraces passion and a relaxed style.

Boho Chic Apartment DecorThis trend implements seemingly irrelevant elements and creates a harmonious overall theme of incompatible parts. Boho-chic decor knows no limits in colors and materials. But such freedom of action can easily turn into kitsch and create a ridiculous pile of incompatible things.

In the article below, we’ll go through some of the essentials you need to create that unique boho-chic look of your home.

Decorating the Walls

The boho-chic decor places great emphasis on art in all its aspects. For this reason, such interiors never lack artistic creations, whether they are artists’ paintings or self-made works. To better choose art objects for your home, trust your imagination. Think about what seems appropriate for your living space and dare to experiment with wall tapestries, decorative paintings, or hang up original creations made with natural objects, such as feathers and dry plants.

When it comes to this style, less does not mean more. It’s all about details, patterns, prints, color, and embellishments. We have some perfect tips if you want a flamboyant style, or if you just subtly want to add a little boho-chic to your home.

  • Patterns, prints. Abstract pieces of art or repetitive geometric colors are a modern way of creating a bohemian feel. You choose whether you want your room to be more minimalist or go in the “fancy” direction.
  • Maps. The bohemian soul loves to travel. Adding a collage of different photos, posters and maps is an easy way to reflect a free wanderlust desire.
  • Nature-inspired. Boho equals nature which means using natural elements such as wood and stone. Frame photos, use tapestries or designs that recreate the magic we see deep inside the forest. Feathers and flowers are a must.

Boho Chic Apartment DecorColor It Up

There are no criteria or special restrictions in the boho-chic decor and you can choose whatever color you want. It does not matter if the shades of the interiors are combined or not, the most important thing is that you like the chosen colors. Listen to your heart, follow your taste, because everyone has a different understanding of what is pleasing.

At the same time, it is important to create something of your own, unique, unusual, that others might not expect. The living space should be individual, easy on the eyes, and relaxing for the body. The only condition for the design of a boho-chic living space is the presence of rich, vibrant colors. Quite often, decorative elements of orange, red, lemon, blue, green color are used to attain this feel.

Overflow of Fabrics

Beautiful fabrics are one of the keys to achieving a boho-chic style. Pillows, rugs, curtains are easy to replace with new options. With the boho-chic style, people like to use slightly more luxurious materials such as silk and velvet. Also, do not be afraid to use patterns and prints.

The curtains can work wonders to change the feel of a room. If you only have blinds, you can keep them, but also put up a beautiful curtain rod in an old-fashioned style and then hang up a couple of beautiful fabric curtains.

There is a wide selection when it comes to fabrics, and to get the bohemian feeling it’s alright to go big. An antique piece of furniture dressed in beautiful fabric and lots of ornate decorative pillows are good building blocks in a room that you want to decorate in a bohemian style.

Mismatched Furniture

Matching furniture in this style is individual, but its obligatory attributes are sofa, bed, ottoman and chairs. Also, it is not necessary that the furniture comes from a regular set and has the same upholstery. There can be a variety of design options, which perfectly fit a leather sofa, ordinary chairs with fabric upholstery, wooden chairs, tables in different colors, a soft padded stool, a large frameless chair. Each item finds its purpose while complementing the interior.

Usually, the boho-chic decor plays with vintage furniture. The most ideal solution would be old furniture which is simple to restore as it becomes a real decoration of the room. To improve its appearance, it is usually sufficient to remove chips, cracks and then update the wood parts with colorless varnish. Each item should look its age, so you should not radically change it.

Cozy Lighting

When it comes to boho-chic decor, you can choose chandeliers, lighting fixtures in classic style, or handmade items. The lighting in the room should be natural and soft. The most perfect room is where there is the presence of large, spacious windows that give the room enough sunlight.

Electric lighting should be warm, and easy on the eyes. The height of the lighting unit may be different depending on the interior and personal preferences. Be sure to use bright, transparent curtains to get enough daylight inside.

Finishing Touches

Boho Chic Apartment Decor

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Oriental wicker baskets

These baskets can be the perfect eye-catcher on your wall. The positive thing about the bohemian style is that you can bring a little bit of the whole world into your home. The baskets add texture to your wall and are decorative in all rooms in the home. The Mediterranean atmosphere creates a cozy and tranquil atmosphere where you can let go of everyday stress and hustle and bustle.


Image source: Pinterest

Many designers have rediscovered the classic dreamcatchers and turned them into stylish decorations on the wall. Dreamcatchers are stylish and spiritual objects that radiate history and culture. A dream catcher in your interior creates a beautiful and rustic feeling in your home.

Final Thoughts

The bohemian chic style has been coming back in style in recent years. Bohemian and chic means an elegant but relaxed style with a luxurious feel but at the same time simple and worn.

Creating a trendy boho-chic interior in your home is easier said than done. If you are considering giving it a chance, the article above shares tips on the philosophy behind it and some inspiration on how to go about achieving the feeling. 

Start with your walls, continue with the furniture, and don’t forget to finish everything with details that usually do not follow conventional rules, but are a little eclectic and artistic.

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